hopefully..1 more year to go!!

Long time no post! It's been a month! What's been happening?! I guess I was just too lazy to post something because of all of the requirements needed to pass in due time..Pretty much the usual busy mode..And thesis is one of them..yes, the defense! We had our defense last week..I actually thought it was gonna be rejected because of the panelists' silent mode for a few seconds of the final verdict..BUT congratulations to our group for passing the thesis proposal! Congrats to the whole section (N-308) for passing and doing a great job as well! On the other hand, another school year's over and final exam just ended yesterday and I'd say, the exam was pretty tough! I feel like either the exam was really difficult or I didn't review enough..ok, enough with being pessimistic! Better to be optimistic and tell myself that I'll pass no matter what..I know we all will! Anyways, me and some of my friends went swimming here at our estate pool after the exam to relieve some stress and just chill out. It made me not think about school for once again, since we were having so much fun swimming and playing badminton even if we were only made me think about my aching body though lol..Today starts 1 week of our summer break then off to being busy again..not to mention Mariveles! I'm excited but at the same time's the experience that counts right? If only we got no summer classes, I'll be having my vacation back in AUH..the place I miss so damn much! I miss the place and the people I know there, too! :') Aside from that, I've been exercising more and TRYING to eat right since last year's sembreak..really tough to keep it stable when I don't manage the cooking lol..I will..soon! Btw, I have some pics uploaded in my multiply from my last few hospital rotations..not much..but at least..hay..Mariveles here we come lol! Ciao!