the simplicity concept

Yea the simplicity concept. "Simplicity is best". From all the blogger templates that I've browsed from various websites, I chose this. Why? Because it's plain, it's simple, and I don't have to worry about backgrounds. So for the meantime, I'll be sticking to this super plain layout until I figure out what fits my mood or my life best..or it would either be best if I can figure out how to create my own blog layout..that would be much better since I have a lot of time on trying to figure it out and besides, I've got a lot of concepts that were inspired mostly by quotes and lyrics songs..all I need now is a straight mind. Bah! I'm repeating myself over and over again. Anyhoo, enjoy the sooo simple and plain layout for the meantime. =)

I have a question to ask..

How do you cope with first time failures?

As you can see, it has something to do with ME failing for the first time..*sigh* I just have to look at the bright side and try to think positive..there's a saying that "sometimes you have to fail to succeed"..unfortunately, a sad but true one..*sigh* I'm not in the mood to be talking about it on public..and I won't..cuz I can't think straight at the moment just thinking of it..='(

So..comments, answers, opinions to my question would be very much appreciated..

Happy Halloween to Everyone!..and Happy Bday to Paul!!

Happy Halloween guys..I didn't feel it though except for the freakin' horror movies that they show on cable..really not my thing..really lolz..oh! and Happy Birthday to my dear friend Paul Vincent F. Ora (haha I still know your full ehe) trick or treat huh..err..ok..i still can't think straight out!

esp. to N-407

Sobrang mamimiss ku kayong lahat..esp. you guys N-407 ='( I had the best & not so best memories of my whole college life with you guys that can't be put down to words..I guess there's a purpose for everything huh? Hay..wooh! Ayoko ng magdrama kaya ingats na lang kayo palagi..God bless & congrats in advance..miss & luvu all! I'll be seeing you guys around..