Congrats to the 2 David's of American Idol Season 7

Yey for the 2 David's for reaching the Top 2 ranks of American Idol Season 7. I'm a fan for almost all the finalists haha. Actually, there are a lot of good competitors this season. It was a good competition and aside from the voters, I'm sure Randy, Paula, and Simon had a difficult time with predicting who will be the winner as well.

Although I like both David Archuleta and David Cook, I had a difficult time predicting who would win since they had both great voices. I was actually voting for David Cook when it was the 2 of them left. David Archuleta is still young, he's also good in singing ballads, but I think he still has a lot of potential when he gets older. And for David Cook, it's good that he had the opportunity to win American Idol Season 7. From a bartender to an American Idol winner. Wow! I'd vote for David Cook because he had a way with songs. What I meant is that I love how he revives songs and make it his own version hehe =) David Archuleta does it well with ballads too. This is just what I think of them.

Nevertheless, I like them both and I congratulate both the David's for having a great competition.

Top: David Cook
Bottom: David Archuleta