For 2007.

This is my last post for the year 2006. It's been another one of those good years for me. And lots of events, look forward to this upcoming year. So I've posted this survey out in the bulletins in friendster & myspace. And I've really thought about what I would answer here. I suppose this is more comprehensible than my previous post haha.

-- This one's all about what I want out of '07! So I thought about it hard! ;)

1. Will you be looking for a new job?
* hopefully after i graduate in college. 1 more year to go!

2. Will you be looking for a new relationship?
* who knows..

3. Will you be looking for a new house?
* we just moved last year.

4. What will you do different in '07?
* something..

5. New Year's resolution?
* i don't think i'll make one. i still have some resolutions back then w/c haven't been resolved yet. i'll TRY to resolve those first.. :s

6. What will you not be doing in '07?
* i will not be doing..what i'm not going to do..

7. Trips?
* trips? as in vacations or some sort? not some time this year. this is gonna be another one of those busy years for me :s

8. Wedding plans?
* nah. still too young for that.

9. What's on your calendar?
* pretty much bdays and school stuff. i know! boring haha!

10. What can't you wait for?
* i can't wait for a lot of things! i know it's still far but one of them is to graduate by next year!

11. What would you like to see happen differently?
* i don't know.

12. What about yourself will you be changing?
* i don't really know..but for a long time i've been trying to change one thing in me :s

13. What happened in '06 that you didn't think would ever happen?
* me passing is one of them..i wasn't expecting it cuz it was just hard! and i thank God for everything He's done for me & my family this year!
..and the rest is for me to know.

14. Will you be nicer to the people you care about?
* sure, why not..haha j/k. i've always been kinda nice :P

15. Will you dress differently this year than you did in '06?
* whatever..?!

16. Will you start or quit drinking?
* i only drink ocassionally so no problem here.

17. Will you better your relationship with your family?
* sure! i try my best.

18. Will you do charity work?
* i dunno..

19. Will you go to bars?
* i never even went to one lol.

20. Will you be nice to people you don't know?
* always hehe

21. Do you expect '07 to be a good year for you?
* sure.

22. How much did you change from this time last year 'til now?
* i dunno..ask the peepz who've been with me this '06.

23. Do you plan on having a child?
* of course but not anytime soon. i'm still young! i need to wait for the RIGHTS lol

24. Will you still be friends with the same people you are friends with now?
* of course..we'll just see how it goes..

25. Major lifestyle changes?
* don't even know..

26. Will you be moving?
* we just moved last year.

27. What will you make sure doesn't happen in '07 that happened in '06?
* i'll try not to.

28. What are your New Year's Eve plans?
* no plans really. surely just stay at home..we'll see..

29. Will you have someone to kiss at midnight?
* aside from my parents, i doubt it haha.

30. One wish for '07?
* that's for myself to know..

Review of 2006

This time of year is always a great time to look back and reflect on our life. As 2006 comes to an end and 2007 arrives, I find myself focused on what I've learned about life through daily living. Many of life's factors affect every individual's life - not just on the physical level but even more so on the mental and spiritual levels. When thoughts affect our actions (which is 100% of the time true according to researches), they realized that state of mind and thought processes hold the keys to how our life unfolds and what we are able to achieve in various aspects of our life. And for always, thanking God for every breath of life & blessings that He has given me and my family! I thank God for his guidance and for being so good to us! :) I also am sorry for whoever I've hurt this year (If there are any, w/c I'm sure there always is) For the people who think I'm angry at them, for not talking to them for a long time or for some other reasons..I'm not. Don't worry. I won't get angry unless there's a good reason to be. ;)

In 2007 - I start again! Like a new life for a new year! Well..I can't promise anything but I'll try though. But I won't wait. The earlier the better! Everyone should start by not leaving our fate up to our very impressionable subconscious. We should take control of our subconscious by being more conscious of our thoughts and actions. Draw up plans, achieve let's get moving! Create our version of 'life' and our entire life benefits.

I have no idea what I have been writing in this post cuz I can't seem to concentrate with a lot of things on my mind :s Anyways, Bare with me here haha I hope you guys can understand what I mean..if not..a summary here in my next post - a survey for my '07. So, Advance Happy New Year and thank you to everyone for reading what I write here..and again..most especially to the people close to my heart - thanks for everything!

Lots of stuff to happen in 2007 - who knows right?! We'll see how the new year goes for me..God bless!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas To Everyone! Happy Holidays!
God bless! :)

it's an urban word now!

Upon receiving an e-mail yesterday from Urban Dictionary's word for the day (12/16/2006), this word is the actual term that me & my best friends use to call each other! How cool is that!
* besty - a shorter word for "best friend".
* besties - short for "best friends".

I never knew the terms above were recently being used in the urban world..and now I found out that my mom & her best friend also uses 'besty' to call each other, too! Nevertheless, we've been using it for years now so we're ahead of the people who recently posted about it in Urban Dictionary haha XD
A'La Carte XYZ is one of the group of friends that I hang out with back in AUH w/ the know who you guys are! :)


* ..on the other hand.. *

Prelim Exams were yesterday. Analysis & interpretation pretty much makes our exams difficult. That's where our critical thinking comes in. I'd say I did well..we'll have to see the results then. In situations like those, I usually tend to feel worried/nervous inside 'cuz I wouldn't know what comes next: whether I passed or not :s They say when you think positive, the results comes out positive and vice versa. Something to do with the mind's mechanism maybe?! That's something to ponder on. I know..not a big deal to some but it kinda is to me 'cuz this is one of my goals..this is my future. Enough said! Congrats to Yeng Constantino! The 1st PDA Grand Star Dreamer! She deserves it! Very young yet talented! :) But still i never liked her with RJ..eeeww :s So anyways, it's Christmas break already wohoo! Let's have some Christmas spirit in us! And a New Year is yet to come! Happy holidays to everyone! God bless!

way of cooling down.

I'm in no mood to be posting but I felt like posting anyways. Have you ever felt pissed and just want to let it all out for the world to know?! Well, today is our last day of classes, tomorrow is our prelim exam, then Christmas break after that. I was in the mood the whole day, when we got dismissed from school, I went straight home since something came up - I kinda got pissed off with a so called friend of mine! I don't want to mention the person's name to be free from rumors (another thing I hate but don't mind). I kinda got a lil pissed in a part of the text message wherein it said something about my ability to do something/personality! With my pride and guts, I replied back..trying to be calm with a sense of being pissed inside. That person never replied back! You said you'll never repeat what you did the previous time..but look! As simple as a small thing, you just have to do it again didn't you! There's a saying when you get angry, count to 10..tried it! Not much of an effect on me. I guess my way of cooling down is either just keeping quiet, being alone, listening to music, thinking what just happened..than cool off as simple as that. What I just posted now is my 2nd option - letting it out or just telling it a close friend(s)/family member maybe. That's my way of cooling down. What's yours?

I won't take back what I said. It wasn't my fault but it was my fault according to you anyways. Whatever you say or do won't affect me since I know what's true and I'll spend my Christmas break like I have nothing to do with what just happened haha No worries for me since I know that Someone's watching up above. *inhales then exhales deeply* I feel much better than a while ago! It's a great feeling to have Him in my life. I'm so thankful! Unlike before I can't keep my cool. I would usually lose my temper and break loose & eventually hurt people's feelings. What's done is done. I can't do anything about what just happened. To be the good person that I am, I'll forgive you for what you did. But I'm not one to forget that easily! Just act like nothing happened then things will be okay between us again instead of me forming more wrinkles on my face haha. Oh and not that I'm sensitive or serious, or anything - I'm not. This is a typical problem that people usually encounter.

Another one of the many obstacles in my life - SOLVED! Since I let whatever I want to say or feel release out of me, onto focusing on reviewing for our prelim exams tomorrow :s another one of those never-ending obstacles in my life! I'm not sure if it's me who's blogging o.O Yeah it's ME! Time to review! God bless to everyone tomorrow! :)

pics from the past.

All Catholic schools had no school today 'cuz of a holiday called'Immaculate Concepcion' (I'm not sure if I got that right :s). Out of my boredom, I felt like cleaning my room. While cleaning my room, I saw some photo albums of my memories back in AUH, pictures given to me, high school, and some summer vacation pics taken from last year. I've posted some of the pics in my multiply. If I have enough time, I might as well create one for YouTube LoL. It's a good feeling to reminisce on old times, good and bad. Whenever I'm alone or see people hanging out and having fun with their friends, it reminds me of my friends back in AUH. I've blogged about my AUH memories in my previous post (June 2006 I think?!) Hopefully there'll be a reunion soon. I miss them so much! :')
It's already the last month of the year and soon to be a new year again! Sorry for repeating myself but really..time flies so fast! It just feels like I was just starting college one day and here I am..hopefully..soon to graduate after 2 more years! Whoa huh! So anyways, it's already December. I don't know why, but I still can't feel the Christmas spirit in me. Usually, I would feel it by will soon be felt. Maybe it's because I'm pretty much preoccupied with a lot of school work these past few days..and more to come. If I would have some free time available, I'd either try to forget about school, try to occupy myself with things to do..but then, somehow I'd go back to doing school work by the end of the day. Some people think I have no time for fun since my replies pertain to being 'pretty much busy with school.' I try to have fun once in a while, we all would. Life would suck when everyone's too dead serious.

Aside from school, my parents & sister arrived here 3 days ago. Of course me & bro were excited to see them..not to forget the souvenirs they bring us! Yay! Peace! ^-^ These past few days I've wanted to blog about stuff but then my tiredness overcomes my eagerness to blog. In the end I'd blog about nothing. I'm lucky enough to post today haha.

Pacman wins!

The Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao-Erik "El Terrible" Morales Finale was scheduled last November 18 at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas. Pacman vs. El Terrible 3: The Thrist For Revenge..?! It doesn't look like it. Morales wanted to have a rematch because he stated once that he can beat Pacman. But the night of the Finale, Pacman was declared the champion after knocking down Morales with 12secs. left at the 3rd round. Weird huh?! Well, from my point of view, I'd think that Morales obviously seemed weak in trying to balance himself a lil longer than usual..good punches though..But I wonder why he made this match easy(?) for Pacman. But he took the game pretty well. A lil shocked at the last knock down though. I feel sad for Morales though. It’s hard to think of being defeated. But the fight ended..too fast! Was it just luck or did Morales give up just that easily?! Geez..3 rounds and that's it. He was the one who was bragging too much about beating Pacman and reaching round 12 with him in the ring. I actually am not into watching boxing. There was this one anime cartoon Hajime no Ippo w/c made me interested in it. I learned a lot from that anime :D

You know what sucks? While me and my bro were watching the match on TV w/c was already at the 2nd round..since it was a commercial break, he was looking for his cell, once he found it, he saw that he had 1 msg received. The msg was from our aunt and it said that our aunt from US texted her and told her that Pacman won on the 3rd round by a a knock out! Then the msg went through me! Somehow I got disappointed! It made watching not that much of a thrill anymore since we knew what to expect at the next round! I wish he hadn't told me! We had to watch the next replay in another channel just to feel the fight LoL. *sigh* It wasn't an easy(?) fight but it ended too fast. I still didn't feel the adrenaline in the fight. Nevertheless, another victory for the Filipinos! Congrats Pacman! It was the talk of the town..soon to be talking about Pacman who might be running for vice-mayor?! Just don't brag too much! :s [Note: I’m just pointing out my view!]

* youtube video from shiloh2


Scammers, commonly known as 'Spammers', are on advertisements, e-mails, bulletins..almost all over the internet! Don't be fooled by what you see most of the time. Be careful! The comic explains it!

here we go!

Orientation Week! The first week of a new semester has ended so fast. Anyways, here's a re-cap:
11/7 - First day of a new semester for us. I could see some students got transferred to our section since, sad to say, a number of students didn't make it. They had to! To make all sections balanced. So I can see some new faces. We had our orientation in NCM102 this day. New instructor! :) We'll be learning the continuation of our MS, then onto Psychiatry! Hoping to learn a lot more! That's surely to be expected w/ the rest of its sub-branches :P

11/8 - Another orientation that we was about RLE duties. As usual, they orient/remind us over and over again about the policies since some other students still do not follow. Aside from that, we'll be exposed to special areas this whole semester. Unlike last sem, we were only exposed in the DR (except for our group - we had the advantage of being exposed to the OR earlier ^-^). We also have our hospital rotation schedules posted already at the bulletin for the whole semester. We also met our new CI for our 1st rotation, w/c we will be at Porac (OR).

11/9 - One orientation after another to attend, but this time we were given a brief introduction about special areas, specifically about OR. We were also oriented on the different OR techniques, principles, etc.

11/10 - So this is today...yesterday since it's already AM. We had our orientation on another subject. This time it's about our subject Research. This subject as oriented was going to help us in our research, thesis, grammar...and so on! Afternoon came and on our 2nd subject, we already started a new lesson already. Chapter I mean! In 4 hours we got to finish 1 Whole Chapter! And by next meeting we'll be having our 1st quiz! Talk about racing against time lol

* * *

The special areas & the defense will surely help me improve my self-confidence. I actually have improved! If you knew me for a very long time, you'd notice that I was a shy type of person. Now..well..I'd say I've improved. Even in my tagalog &...kapampangan (NOT really hehe).?! I guess I'll let you guys be the judge of the mentioned. :) Hay..freaky! Because some doctors who love joking around (for example, hiding instruments or os to check if you're present) can make u nervous & lose focus. Unless you have the presence of mind. For DR..the baby and mother of course! Either way, BOTH can be freaky sometimes!

Next week will be the start of regular classes for us college students. Like I said in my previous entry, I'm not expecting anything 'cuz a student already knows what to expect..over and over again it's being expected. 2nd sem. Back to being BUSY. Let the adventure begin! Here we go! God bless! ^-^

** Updated Multiply! [2 Photo Albums] Sorry it took so long for me to upload! I finally wasn't lazy!
> Sept. 25 & Oct. 11, 2006: N-308 Grp.2 -Magalang
> Oct. 14, 2006: N-308 Closing Party

another sem.

Sembreak has gone by so fast! It just felt like I had 1 week of vacation lol. At least I got time to relax! You know how it is! So..another sem has passed. 2nd sem starts tomorrow & I can already feel the pressure of school in me. I guess it's normal for students to feel that way since our knowledge increases per level, having major requirements in due time again too are already to be expected. It feels like the more you learn, the less you know. Take for example an instruction manual, you need to read it before using something new. But nowadays, people rarely read them unless they really have a problem. People just seem to find how it works out by trying stuff. True right? Lots of things I still don't know. Not only in school..anywhere! Life in general I may say. It's pretty hard to predict what's gonna happen next. Everyone pretty much heard this quote a billion times, "Try & try until you succeed." It's pretty much self-explanatory. I must strive harder! Have faith & guidance in Him and not be downed by my pessimistic side. People think I study all the time and have zero fun..Love life too? C'mon! The hell with rumors! If you guys only knew me! Anyways, I still have my goals to reach. And one of them is to finish college. I know I can if I can just focus! Just exert a little more..and I'm almost there.

Let this hopefully be another one of those fun & experiencial semesters of my college years!

winter feeling?

Ok. -ber months are soon to end. But I don't seem to feel the 'winter' months this year. For one thing, it rains a lot because of unexpected typhoon signals. And the other..well, did the climate change or not?! 'Cuz I'm not feeling the coldness of the -ber months this year. Am I repeating myself? Anyways, it feels the same though, except that I maybe got used to the climate here since I don't sweat that much or maybe it's really this way. I just don't feel it..really! Last year's season was cooling! So..winter feeling, cold weather, breezy wind..late bloomer this year maybe?

Fit & Healthy

It's sembreak as you all would know and one of my hobbies which I will be doing to not feel bored (believe it or not) is to exercise. I used to have abs back then when I was in AUH. And I'm missing it again. Now I have flabs again LoL. Would you believe I became fat here in Phil. (true of what they say 'cuz Phil. has lots of fatty foods!). I was just skinny back in AUH! Big difference! So exercise is one good thing to help me get back to shape at least. Not to mention it helps keep you fit & healthy, keeps the heart in shape, muscles & bones strong, lose WEIGHT. Diet & 8 hours of sleep are some of the other reasons to keep you fit and healthy BUT I guess I rarely do this haha. Since I'm not doing anything and I'm pretty much bored looking for something to do this break, I'm going back to have time for myself. Exercise is one and I'm determined to get my abs back soon and probably lose some weight. I did it before I can do it again haha. This will help increase my stamina when doing activities. (Really. See the athletes?) I'm gonna need that when we're back having our duties. Not to mention a heavy breakfast and some candy for revival of NPOs haha! I'm doing this for my own good. Well, school is obviously a stress. Sometimes you have no time for anything 'cuz you're bombarded with a lot of school work. Stress makes you eat more too you know. So yea, I've been exercising since sembreak started. Waking up in the morning to exercises, a few stretching, use of dumbbells or just jog around the estate, hopefully lose some weight can be enough. I don't need to go to a gym. Unless I want a personal trainer haha j/k Try it! It's fun!

Thank You, Lord!

Got my grades a while ago. And I'm happy to say that I passed! (pasang awa)! At least I passed and that's all that matters to me! Now I can relax my mind since the waiting's over! I can have fun now the rest of thie sembreak 'cuz when school starts next sem again. Gonna be pretty --> BUSY. To the others: God bless!

Thank You, Lord! :)

Deliberation na bukas!

Oooh..bukas na magkakaalaman! Sana walang bagsak sa atin..magpray na lang tayo na sana wala..God bless!

N-308 Closing Party

N-308 Closing Party was held at Villa Alfredos Resort yesterday. This was a closing party for our section with some guests (our CIs). This usually happens by the end of the sem for us since we always get reshuffled. The party started at 1pm. More than half of the class went so that wasn't a bummer! We rented one villa room w/c had a small kitchen, bathroom, 2 queen sized bed, fridge, tv & radio & 1 cottage w/ a working videoke! I remember the last time I went to this resort our videoke was jammed LoL. Oh! And never leave out the food of course and the drinks haha! The food was great! Love those chilli-cheese spring rolls that Bliz cooked! HOT but YUMMY! And the palabok from Doc Manio! YUM! Siyempre let's not forget the grilled bbq & fish that we grilled LoL! Anyways, yea, it was fun! The payment was worth it! I was having second thoughts on attending the party or not 'cuz I wasn't sure if I'd have fun. Well I just did! I did have fun..really! Throwing water at people (hehe), swimming (not!), videoke singing, drinking, taking pictures, bonding with the rest of my classmates! The CIs where with us partying, too. Time flies so fast when you're having fun! I didn't notice that it was time for me to go home because of the fun and talks we had awhile ago..and I'm posting about it now. Good thing one of our classmate has a car and he was going back to A.C. since there was no trike at that time. Thanks for the lift! :S (I wish I could drive..soon! I can't wait!) I can see it in our faces that we all had a great time and that's all that matters! And I guess that this was the only time we had time for bonding as a whole section since we started being busy with duty and other requirements! It's been a long time! Oh yea, and except for the part where our CI told us about the grades of some sections..freaky :S But that didn't get in the way of us having fun! Anyways, sorry for our classmates who paid but didn't attend! You guys should've attended! You just wasted your money! I'll be posting some pics up in my multiply as soon as I transfer them to the comp. Since we'll be reshuffled next sem, hopefully SOME of us we'll be classmates again. If not, I'll be seeing you guys around! Gonna miss you guys! :)

So now that the fun's over, next up is getting of grades. Pray guys! That's the best thing to do! Happy Sembreak to y'all once again! Have fun! God bless us all!


Sembreak officially starts today!
Deliberation na guys! Then getting of grades! Chill! Kaya yan! Don't lose hope. :)

To the others: I'm back! I'm just gonna chill for now and do other stuffs..taking some time off to not think about school and other things that bugs me! Wohoo!

It's been a long time since I've posted in my blog, it's been a long time since I've chatted..It's been a long time since I've went online! It's been a long time since anything! With many thoughts on my mind..for the past few days I have to keep my mind on focus. Finals can be a pain in the head sometimes with all the requirements to be met before the deadline! And imagine the academics. Really feels like you can't hold them in your brain no more with all the new infos! Hay..You're not even sure if you'll pass or not. I guess that's the suspense of it all! Besides,I did my part and hopefully this won't be the end. :) Another sem has finished, I've learned a lot! Esp. on duties since we get to relate to what the Profs. teach us in school. No problem there. It's more on actual w/c makes it more fun than just sitting in the classroom for like 3-4hrs listening to the Prof. At least. They did a great job though! It's like the more you learn, the little you know. True! Life can be tough at times. That's the adventure of it. We have to learn from our mistakes, too. Sometimes I regret not doing my best in HS, but here I am, still surviving. Thankful to still be here! I don't wanna talk about myself much these days. Life can be messed up at times. But I'm ok now. Like I said, I gotta chill. It's sembreak! Happy sembreak y'all! <3

DR / OR experience.

Yesterday we got oriented in the DR & OR at Magalang. In the DR, we observed on what our role is by watching one of the schools do it. Looks bloody though..actually it depends hehe. And in the OR, we just reviewed on the basic things to know before and after a case. Let's focus in the DR 'cuz no one handled any case(s) yet in the OR. We had two cases today at the DR. The first actual was by Penny! Just by watching her made me more excited to be my turn. She also did one minor! Nice one! After the first case, then came break time, all of the other group members and the school that shared with us today went to have their break while me, our CI, and other 2 of our group members just chilled in the DR since we ate ahead of them. I was next on the line to be the actual. I was thinking about me doing it tomorrow. Our CI told us she'll be back in a sec. Then suddenly the midwife came in telling us to get ready 'cuz one is about to give birth! Since the other school was suppose to have that case but wasn't there, the midwife told us to do it. Unahan talaga yan! I called our CI to tell that there was a case and told me to get ready. I lost track of my nervousness and acted professional as can be..of course with the assistance of the midwife since it was my first time..and my first case! Excited as I am, I wore my gloves and got ready. In a few mins. the baby was born. As healthy as can be! Baby Boy! So cute hehe. I also did suturing so there. I got an actual and did a minor. A minor w/c will be raffled by the group. No need to explain that. So there. Unexpected deliveries huh? You can never tell time. Really unexpected. And if there's an open spot, take the opportunity. And since I was the next after Penny (which I wasn't expecting to have a case 'til tomorrow), well..I'm proud of myself for doing a job well done! The midwife also gave me good comments. That made me smile! Nothing went wrong. And hopefully the other cases that I'll handle too. God's so good! He's so intelligent to think of something like that. A baby being born, now that's a blessing! As they say "It's worth the pain".

The feedback that we get from the OR, they say it's "astig". OR's ayt..can depend on the bloodiness of the procedure hehe..very sterile and should be! I would remember 2 words when we are in the OR, "Be Snappy"..get it? :) One of the school we're sharing cases with is pretty friendly, too. Unlike some schools LoL So..that's it! Another one of my "First Experiences" to remember..and many more to come! We also got to observe CS & BTL awhile ago.
And in the DR & OR, it doesn't matter if you're left-handed or right-handed. 'Cuz if the team is too busy, they tend to use neither of the two hands. True! But it's good they still focus more on the right-handed one's 'cuz left-handed one's are rare and pretty difficult when doing procedures I guess in some cases. Well, I'm more on the right 'cuz obviously I'm right-handed so no probs for me there LoL

what's the difference?!

No hard feelings to people who'll get offended by what I'll be posting today ok. I'm just showing my point of view. Phil. have diff. kinds of sim cards right? They've got Smart, Globe, TM..and their latest Sun Cellular. Why'd I mention those? It's because most of the people these days use more than 2 sims. Even better, they use all the diff. kinds of sims! Geez! What are you gonna do with all those? I dunno what's happening! It's like they can't stick to one sim! Instead of wanting to get the person's number, it's better to say 'nevermind' cuz they'll ask u back with "what's ur sim? cuz I use diff. sims." Then what? You'll get all their numbers and by the time you wanna ask somethng important, you have to either text/call every number they gave you! Then when you only have one sim and it's diff. from most of your friends. This happened to me, and it really made me irritated with people like them! Just for a 1 peso text to reply to diff. networks they can't do! But to register for unlimited they can which cost from 15, 25, 50, 60. Compare a 1 peso to that. It's so unreasonable to tell that they have no EXTRA load to reply to you because you're a user of a diff. sim and they're registered in unlimited text. It's COMMON SENSE to have extra load! Duh! That's how you got registered to unlimited right? Very stupid reason! Esp. when you text them something very important and they should reply ASAP. Then the next day you'd them at school they'd always give you that same reason. Then they'd tell you to change your sim so that they can text you! Do you always have to be unlimited with the same sim to text specifically?! What is that? So for example, if you're a globe user, then the only people you'd text are globe users? What about your friends who are smart, TM or sun users?! WTF! So it's like this..Ok..I'm not against the diff. sims! It's just that it doesn't hurt to reply to a diff. network right? There's no harm texting to diff. networks..1 Peso text. My point is so clear that I don't need to clarify anything. Practically speaking ok? If any of you guys out there have been offended, sorry. This is my POV and I've told most of my friends about this. So if anyone tells me that f***ing reason again, don't bother! I wouldn't give a damn if you're not the same network as mine. All that matters is that you got a cell phone, a sim card and some load to text regardless of the phone network. It's really hard to communicate if it's like what I've been noticing these days. See! Now that's reasonable!

hemo was fun!

While I was reading some of my past entries here, I noticed that I didn't mention about my experience in the Hemodialysis Unit back at our AMC rotation. Now that I remembered, I'll mention it now LoL. Me & 5 other group members volunteered to have our rotation at the Hemo Unit last Sept. 4 :) We were oriented by the nurse on duty there. Then we were given an exercise by one of the nurses. Now we got shocked 'cuz we weren't expecting that. Our results turned out quite well though. Whew! After the exercise, we had a little discussion about the kidneys since that is what they major in. Duh! That's why it's called a Hemodialysis Unit! :S They were so good in explaining! Nakakabilib talaga sila! Their 6 months of majoring in dialysis really paid off! By the end of the day, we were oriented, taught of what the role of the nurse is in a Hemo Unit, learned a lot of things about being a Hemodialysis Unit Nurse, gained a lot of information about the kidney & other stuff hehe and met friendly staff nurses and doctor! It was a fun and intellectual well as the previous nursing roles that we did of course such as Pedia, Med, and currently OB! Hemo was like once that's why I posted it ayt! By Mon. we'll be in the OR & DR courtesy at Magalang! Excitement! Can't wait to handle cases! ^-^

Typical Things

Have you ever noticed that the worst way to miss someone is when they are right beside you and yet you can never have them?

Have you ever wondered which hurts the most: saying something and wishing you had not, or saying nothing and wishing you had?

I guess the most important things are the hardest things to say. They are the things you get ashamed of because words diminishes them, words shrink things that seemed timeless when they were in your head; to no more than living size when they are brought out.

Don't be afraid to tell someone you love them. If you do, they might break your heart. But if you don't, you might break theirs.

Have you ever decided not to become a couple because you were so afraid of losing what you already had with that person? Your heart decides who it likes and who it doesn't. You cant tell your heart what to do. It does it on its own..When you least suspect it, or even when you don't want it.

Have you ever wanted to love someone with everything you had, but that person was too afraid to let you? Too many of us stayed walled because we are to afraid to care too much, for fear that the other person does not care as much, or at all.

Have you ever loved someone and they had absolutely no idea whatsoever? Or fell for your best friend in the entire world, and then sat around and watched her/him fall for someone else?

Have you ever denied your feelings for someone because of your fear of rejection was too hard to handle? We tell lies when we are afraid. Afraid of what we don't know, afraid of what others will think, afraid of what will be found out about us. But every time we tell a lie, the thing we fear grows stronger.

Life is all about risks and it requires you to jump. Don't be a person, who has look back and wonder what they would have, or could have had.

No one waits forever.

*Credits to Jomz.

just weeks away.

Right after our nursing days, we had our duty, orientation to be exact. That's why I didn't get to attend our acquaintance party, well..most of us..because we get to wake up early the next day. Besides, I started to get the colds..then the cough! 'Til now! Sucks big time esp. when it's our duty! I don't wanna be absent just because of some freakin' colds! It's not worth the make-up duty! So..anyways, our AMC rotation ended last week. This week we'll be starting our rotation in Balitucan District Hospital, Magalang. We only had a 3min. tour! It's only a 25 bed capacity hospital. Small but packed with patients! And there are like 5-6 affiliated schools having their rotation there including us! We'll be focusing in the OB Ward and by the last 2 weeks of our rotation there, in the DR. Can't wait hehe! I feel a lot better now though I still cough at times hehe

*Sigh* Having colds&cough in an unexpected day, Deadlines to meet, Case Study Defense, Teaching Return Demo, Final exams..a lot to do! And finals is just weeks away, ending another semester. Kaya natin 'to! Konting tiis na lang guys! We'll make it through!

nursing days.

It was a tiring BUT fun 3 days since we, the nursing students got the time off from school works for at least a few days. I joined the volleyball team w/c didn't turn out well for us 3rd yrs, at least we, 3rd yrs won over-all champion this year! Go Blue Jaguars haha I posted some pics in my mulitply if u wanna check 'em out. To sum up the 3 days:

9/11 - AM-Noon:There was the motorcade, parade of colors, opening. SportsFest. This is the year where all the year levels of nursing has been completed! :) PM: Kuya Marlon sang "Amazing Grace" Wow! I never knew he could sing like that! There was also the introduction of Mr.&Ms.Nursing '06. The best part: Dance Competition. We got 2nd place, that's ok :)

9/12 - Continuation of SportsFest. Me & some friends were supposed to go swimming today. Unfortunately, the place where we'll be swimming closed early! Such luck huh! Another plan gone wrong. At least we got to do some bonding before school works start filling our sched. We got to grill chicken. That was some tasty chicken for dinner. Before ending the day, we all took a quick shower cuz we don't wanna go to school smelling all grilled LoL We went to school almost 8pm already cuz we know that it's always Filipino time. And that's what I hate about people here! They can't seem to come on time! Can be irritating! Geez! Anyways, it was Battle of the Acoustic Bands & the continuation of Mr.&Mrs.Nursing today. Congrats to Queenz and the rest of the band for winning again this year! The time we reached school, the show just started..And we watched 'til they announced the Final 4. 3 of the 3rd yrs went in!

9/13 - We had our last game of volleyball. We lost..but that's ok. Fair play I guess?! I didn't attend the acquaintance party since I didn't buy a ticket. Besides, I'm sure only a few went because we had duty the next day. We won over-all champion this year! Congrats!

'-ber months'

'-ber months' came faster than I expected. Every night's turning colder. Yes! Finally..somehow, the cool air gradually dominates the heat! And my wounds ache as fresh as new once again.

* Updated [My Multiply]:

* 1 New Photo Album: Sept. 4, 2006: N-308 Gr.2 - AMC
It's our last week in AMC for this sem. Hay..Group 2..Chill LoL! Next week starts a new rotation. This time in Magalang! Comment ayt! Thanks!

* 1 New Song: Arkana - So Little Time ..nice song! so beat-y hehe ^-^

I'll be posting about my week as soon as our Case Study Presentation and defense is over by tomorrow. I'll post about it soon. For now..just this. Ayt? Ciao!

good day..?!

It felt like a good day for me even though my sister left back for AUH just this afternoon [I'll be seeing her and my parents this Dec. so no probs there :)]..and the weather was so freakin' hot today! Well, we just had our return demo in IV insertion today and I got it in one shot! My partner did it in one shot to me, too! What a feeling! Now I know how the patient's feeling if we do that to them. I WAS a virgin 'til NOW (I'm talking about my veins being inserted or pricked by needle [IV insertion and Blood extraction!) The blood extraction didn't hurt, I didn't even feel a thing when my partner did it to me! BUT the IV insertion..freakin' hurts! Not as much as ID though. ID do hurts big time esp. since they use distilled water instead of PNSS (my experience here was painful! Right, Yey?! It made me have tears in my eyes LoL!) Some people got used to it because of reasons for hospitalization. But they still feel the pain! They just got used to controlling it somehoe :S It's for a good cause though, we get additional incentives on our Pharma! Sweetness!
I also went for the volleyball try-outs for our nursing days..and I made it in! I was suppose to audition for the dance competition though but I was late 'cuz I didn't get the exact date of the audition. I was also supposed to sign-up for the Syringe Challenge with a few of my friends but I didn't get to see them for 2 days 'cuz of our busy sched. and there were 8 slots left when I last saw the poster. I'm not sure if we can catch up with that. That's aight! There's always next time. I got in the dance in my college freshman year, and I made it in the volleyball team this year! Good day huh! Win or Lose, it's just a game..having fun is all that matters?! Crap! Nursing Days' coming up! And we, the Juniors are representing the color Blue this year! I forgot the team name. Over-all: Good Day except for my sis who just left.. Whatever! Peace!

sister will be back! no tears! -..and other stuff.

My sister will be leaving back to AUH tomorrow. Time flies so fast! It feels like just a month she's been here (w/c actually is already 3 months!), and now she'll be going back. No tears for me 'cuz I know that she'll be coming back by Dec. to take the college entrance exam. I can't believe that she's gonna be college already by next year and me...well, hopefully graduating :)

What else has been up with me this week?
* Me and My Sis have been hanging out, going places to make her vacation "memorable". I guess the best was the day of my sis' bday! ;)
* We've been having our duty at AMC mainly at Pedia ward, if less pts., we might be handling also at the suite/executive ward.
* Tomorrow we'll be in school having a lil discussion and our return demo in IV insertion! I'm excited! They say inserting the needle hurts more than of ID! Hope I make it in one shot..It's all in the mind ahihi ^-^
* By next week will be our case study presentation and OD and our last week of rotation at AMC..Balitucan here we come hehe

It's good that we got used to being bombarded w/ a lot of requirements?! hehe! Now that's what we call "survival" baby! Before-we get to overnight; Now-we just get to do it for like 1-2 days max! Improvement huh ;) *Sigh* This is it. Finals..lots of requirements still up ahead! I still need to exert more effort in studying! I'm almost there! I know I CAN! I won't let anything get in the way of me reaching my goal! Motivation's UP! :)

Safe flight to my sis for tomorrow. At least I get to see sis before my she leaves! That's all for now!

* Happy Bday to Jing!

* Updated [My Multiply]:

-1 New Photo Album. N-308

* Updated [My Multiply]

I added 3 more songs to my fave songs as well as 1 New Photo Album! Pictures of my sister, Manelle's Bday! Not mostly pictures food hehe click here to the pics out!


midterm's over. now comes finals.

We just had our midterm exams last Sat. & Sun. because once again, our exams are departmentalized. What about the exam? Well..kinda hard! Really! Memorization but it's more on analysis and interpretation. That went well..I hope! Today is our rest day. It's actually another one of those holidays today, this one is called Ninoy Aquino's Day..did I get it right?! It's also my sister's bday today! Happy Bday Sis! Like we didn't just go out awhile ago to do some "shopping" for your bday LoL. I can't wait 'til night and celebrate! Let's get krunk haha j/k

Well, it's another day tomorrow w/c starts off our finals..then comes sembreak! Hopefully I'm still in. I know it gets tougher, but I know I can do it hehe We'll be having our regular duties again by tomorrow. Expecting to be busy with a lot of requirements again. I'll be posting soon as I'm not busy! Later!

* Updates [My Multiply]:
-2 New Pics at July 8, 2006: Capping Ceremony Album (Pics 8 and 9..just count it LoL)
-1 New (actually Old) Video of Hale-Mr. Brightside

Cueshe - Back To Me

[ FYI: I'm not much of a Cueshe fan. ]
No reason..I just like some of their songs but I like their lyrics! Have y'all heard their new single "Back To Me"? If not, well..up to you! Nah just trippin'! Fo real! I have been looking for the lyrics of this song for some time now and no website in the net has it! So I decided to transcribe it myself..and I just did! I have lots of fave songs and I think one of them songs I like is this?!! Since I'm living in the Phil., obviously OPM songs are still more popular here. "Pinoy Pride" as they would call it. So yea, I dunno! I somehow can relate to this song. I'm sure YOU, too! Anyways, for those of you searching for this song's lyrics, here it is! Also attached is the song itself so you could easily follow up w/ the lyrics. You can find the song below the "sayings/quotes" section of my blog. Correct me if I have any wrongs in transcribing, aight? I'm only human LoL! Peace!

Cueshe-"Back To Me"

Sometimes I feel like I’m all alone
Wondering how, what have I done wrong
Maybe I’m just missing you all along
When will you be coming home back to me

There were times I felt like giving up
Haunted by memories I can’t give up
Wish that I never let you go and slip away
Had enough reasons for you to stay

Can you feel me, see me falling away (see me falling away)
Did you hear me, I’m calling out your name (calling out your name)
'Cuz I’m barely hanging on
Baby you need to come home back to me

Sleepless nights 'cuz you’re not here by my side
Cold as ice I feel deep down inside
Maybe I’m just missing you all along
When will you be coming home

Can you feel me, see me falling away (see me falling away)
Did you hear me, I’m calling out your name (calling our your name)
'Cuz I’m barely hanging on
Baby you need to come home back to me

sorry! been busy.

Peepz! Sorry I haven't been updating my blog that much for a long time. I've been busy with school, so sorry about that. I wanted to blog about what I've been doing these past few days a long time ago but I just felt lazy to. Maybe it's because I was tired from duty and with a lot of requirements to be passed before the deadline date. Y'all know how it's like in college right? Well, most of you guys do! Before my busy time with school starts, while not much requirements are being given YET, let me update you guys with what I've been doing the past few days:

* After our Community Duty, we had our duty in JBLMRH at San Fernando, Pampanga for the past few weeks. The group that I'm in was assigned to the Medical Ward. It was an experience. Really! Government hospitals are totally diff. from Private one's. Makes me scared sometimes on who my patient is gonna be for that each patient I'll be handling. It's people we're handling..those are lives! Who wouldn't feel at least a lil bit scared inside right? 'Coz you'll never know what will happen next.

* We had our Case Study Presentation and OD in the hospital, this day was also the last day of our rotation in JBL (w/c is one of the requirements needed for every hospital rotation) last week. Our presentation went ok. Only a few mistakes were made and that's a good thing. I always remember in my mind what every CI tells us, "Anatomy and Physiology & Pathophysiology are the heart of every Case Study. Without it, there would be no proof to defending the disease condition of the said case study." I would never forget that line. And as time goes by we would always remember that line and tell ourselves that we can do it, though it kinda is hard. You know, with connecting everything you've learned about almost everything actually LoL! A little getting used to will do it, hopefully hehe. We also had some comments from our CI after presenting, good and bad..It's all good!

* After our presentation, before dismissing us, we had a little socialization/open forum. Everything went alright. Every question was answered and no hard feelings were kept inside (right?! haha j/k).

* What our group will be missing in JBL (this sem hehe):
- Face Mask & Gloves
- smell of the Med. Ward ^-^
- NPO haha!
- sweet corn
- Food Haus
- Mike Enriquez & Sister... (ahihi!)
- last day of JBL rotation (bonding time!)
- lastly, our CI, where we've learned so much! (as well as the other CIs of course hehe)

* Sad to say we have no remembrance of our duty in JBL, or even at least a picture in the hospital or w/ the CI! (That's ok..I guess ahehe)

* Oh and in our Pharmacology class, we learned how to extract blood and the whole class had the chance to return demo on our chosen partner (siyempre may incentives hehe) Fun! I got it in one shot haha :P Finals we'll be learning & having our return demo in IV Insertion! Can't wait! Incentives again hehe!

I guess that's all I can think of..for now ahihi!

So..As of today, we started our hospital rotation in AMC here in Angeles City, Pampanga and our group was mainly assigned to the Pediatric Ward. Since it's a private hospital, only a few patients are being admitted (you know, financially speaking too) so we get to duty too in the executive. Hopefully we get to experience having our duty in the ER and Hemodialysis room, too. That would be cool! I'm sure there'll be lots of experiences and unexpected stuff that lies ahead of always!

Is this long enough already?! Sorry again to the other peepz! As I've said, I've been busy lately. Soon to be busy again! LoL! At least I've made up for the past few weeks that I haven't been updating my blog. It's kinda long huh. Well, have fun reading this! 'Til my next post! Ciao!

it's a good feeling.

It's been 2 days already with no school for all levels. It's like we missed 2 duties already because of this. Anyways, yea this is the 2nd day. Because of non-stop rain. Ah! Rain..makes me reminisce of a lot of things. Good times and bad :) One good thing though is that the 2 days made me catch up with all my lack of sleep when it's school days. Now that's a good feeling!

* Happy Bday to Marc Salonga! Miss ya bro!


I just came home from the dentist. I had my braces on today..AGAIN! My 1st one was back in AUH when I was like Gr.6 or 1st Year H.S.?! And now, this is the 2nd time I'll be having them. *sigh* Soft Diet here I come hehe ^-^

Don't Quit

When things go wrong
as they sometimes will,
when the road you're trudging
seems all uphill,
when the funds are low
and the debts are high,
and you want to smile
but you have to sigh,
when care is pressing you
down a bit, rest if you must
but don't you quit.
Life is queer
with its twists and turns,
as every one of us
sometimes learns,
and many a failure turns about,
when you might have won
had you stuck it out.
Don't give up,
though the pace seems slow
you may succeed
with another blow.
Success is failure
turned inside out-
the silver tint
of the clouds of doubt,
and you never can tell
how close you are;
it may be near
when it seems so far.
So stick to the fight
when your hardest hit-
it's when things seem worst
that you must not quit.


2nd Capping and Candle Lighting Ceremony

Click here to check out more pics.

When: July 8, 2006, Saturday
Where: Immaculate Heart of Mary Gymnasium, Holy Angel University
Time: 3:00pm

This was the event that we, the 3rd year students have all been waiting for! New uniform, new pin, a cap (for females) and of course, the real meaning of our course/profession starts..this is what they call “internship”! With more responsibilities on our hands! Whew. The tougher it gets huh? It really is a great feeling to reach this far. Capping is almost like graduation except in 3rd year college of nursing and is more solemn than the graduation itself hehe. Anyways, this is one of my memorable and unforgettable moment in life because this is once in a lifetime, and I'm lucky to have my parents here. Would you believe they flew all the way here to Phil. just to attend my Capping. Unlike some parents who didn’t attend to see their son/daughter get capped and pinned. Such parents huh! Well, it was a solemn ceremony though. But at the end before the recessional, noise was heard all over the gym with shouts, claps and joys on our faces. Congrats to all the 3rd Year Nursing Students who reached Capping! We’ve made it this far! Don’t let it slip away. ^-^

Never forget, of course..
The Florence Nightingale's Pledge:

I solemnly pledge myself before God
and in the presence of this assembly,
to pass my life in purity and to practice my profession faithfully.

I will abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous,
and will not take or knowingly administer any harmful drug.
I will do all in my power to maintain and elevate the standard of my profession,
and will hold in confidence all personal matters committed to my keeping
and all family affairs coming to my knowledge in the practice of my calling.

With loyalty will I endeavor
to aid the physician in his work,
and devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care.

what another week.

Another week has gone by once again. I haven't been going online that much since school started because of all the requirements we've been having. And deadlines are too soon because of following a schedule. See how busy. Anyways, here's what's been up with me this past week:

* The day was Monday and we had our community rotation again. Today was kinda exciting because we get to teach elementary students at the school in the community. We get to teach them health teachings such as proper hygiene and nutrition. Our group got assigned to Grade 3 and there were 2 sections for that grade. It was like 20mins. to teach in each section. Time flies so fast when you have fun! We didn't even notice that it was already past the time limit because of the fun we were having with the children. This was one experience that I would remember and I can't put it down to words because it was an experience that should be done for you to feel what it would be like.

* We had our community assembly last Tues. - where we had to present about the problems we have observed and surveyed in their community and find solutions for each. We were rushing because we only had 1 week to prepare. We had community meetings and all. Really rush because of less time. Guess what? I was one of the people who presented in front of a crowd of community representatives! Of all the people my CI picked me as one of the presentors, and to think that my speaking ability in Filipino is not for such BUT even if I was 'kinda' nervous, I just told myself that "I can do it!" At least I've said what I want them to know and made it through. (No one's perfect anyways, right?) We also had an intermission dance number and I was one of the dancers. That was the time I started to dance again. I think the last time was last year's U-Days. Anyways, over-all, it was tiring but at the same time a success! (Majority of the comments we had from our CIs were good. Less bad. Not bad for our first!)

* The same day of our community assembly, my parents were on their way here to Phil. and arrived safely by noon. Thank God!

It's been another tiring week. As usual - lots of quizzes, requirements to meet the deadline. Next week is gonna be another one again. We'll be being busy since Capping is soon - and that's next week! Exciting! And I'm happy that my parents came since Capping is just once in a lifetime. It would be sad if my parents weren't there to see me get capped and pinned (just like graduation.) :) I don't wanna that's all!

> 2 New Pics at My Multiply.

Miami Heat wins NBA Finals 2006!

They are mostly going to remember the finish.

They will inevitably remember that 2-0 lead Nowitzki's Dallas Mavericks seized in their first NBA Finals and everything taken away from them thereafter by the new, worthy champs from Miami.

What happened there?! If the Mavs had already won Game 3, the series is pretty much over! In the video below is the last 10 seconds of their Game 6 before the win. Even though they gave Jason Terry a chance to force OT with shooting a 3, does it look like or it just looked like he lost his balance because of a foul that wasn't called as one?! At the end, it wasn't called as a foul. I guess it was the Mavs who couldn't keep up. "Maybe they were starting to celebrate too early.."(as they said from Game 3) Tsk, tsk..problems with Mavs from the start of Game 3. They should've won their 4th victory..

By Game 6, Miami really was an 'everybody' as they would say it. The Mavs weren't simply dealing with their Dwyane Wade problems. Instead, they had Alonzo Mourning problems, Udonis Haslem problems, and even Antoine Walker problems. It looked like Miami won The Finals this year with Dwayne Wade (Jersey #3) as their MVP! (Fact: Dwayne Wade is the 5th youngest MVP in the NBA Finals!)Miami won against the Dallas leading with a 95-92 score.

"You all witnessed it," Riley said. "You all watched it. Players like that are very hard to come by, and to watch them grow right in front of you ... I've never had a player (Dwayne Wade) like this." (Practice makes Perfect!)

To sum it up, the Mavs, at 2-0 up and 89-76 ahead in Game 3, were suppose to win. But it looks like the farther away they fell from wining since Dallas' confidence problems had them snowballed. I don't think when the season started anybody picked Dallas and Miami to be in the Finals. Would you believe it? Unbelievable! The Miami Heat managed to put it together at the right time and prove the doubters wrong. Miami has beaten the Bulls, Nets and Pistons to reach the Finals. Then after falling into a 2-0 series against the Mavs, the Heat won 4 straight games to claim their first NBA title in franchise history. Expect the unexpected. Anyways, cheers to the Miami Heat for winning this year's season!

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Happy Father's Day..!

Just so you all would know - it's Father's Day today! June 18th. So if ever you guys didn't know that today is that day for Fathers all over the world, then it's not too late to greet them! It's all over the TV, so you can’t miss it!

Thanks for everything and all! Love you Pop (and Mom ^-^)! See you guys soon! I can’t wait!

* my POP. ^-^

..and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! to y'all's Fathers out there! <3

* Yay! My colds are gone wehe ^-^

what a week.

Wow! It's been 10 days since my previous post! It's been a long time since I've posted huh. Since school started last week, we already are swamped with a lot of school work! So I've been pretty busy these past few days. I guess that's how school is. College has more requirements though. It gets more difficult the higher the level. Hmm..Let's see if I could summarize what we did this week..we had our orientation 2 days ago at JBLMRH, located in San Fernando, here in Pampanga, which is one of the affiliated hospitals for us in our school to have our rotations/duties in, with other hospitals as well. We can start having our duties officially after our Capping this coming July. I can't wait! Exciting but nervous on what lies ahead ^-^ We also have our community duty. Our section was assigned to Cutud. We're on a rush since we have to finish all our requirements in our community duty before our Capping Ceremony. The preparations for the community assembly and other requirements..many more to come hehe.

See how pressured we are? With all the major requirements, quizzes, etc. with all our subjects. Would you believe it that almost all are being given at the same time! Wow! That busy, but still have some time for anything..College is really difficult, but it will help us a lot with our future profession. Of course! With us doing our part with a little effort. It's good that we still end the day with a smile on our faces though we are stressed out most of the time right? We can survive the life of being a college student. Hay..I still can't believe that we're 3rd year college already. *sigh* How time flies so fast. How many more years to go and we've achieved another goal in our life. Little sacrifices, all our stress and hardwork - it's gonna be worth it at the end. Ughh..I've got the cough and colds. Maybe it's because of the weather here..freakin' hot at the same time it rains! ..rainy season :S Hope I get well soon haha! Well, here ends my post. 'Til my next post!

New School Year.

School actually started yesterday but we had no classes because it was our RLE and we were going to have our orientation, well, today in the afternoon. So today is a start of a new school year. Still have the same classmates as last summer classes because our section retained :S. Like I've said in my previous post, we'll be having our orientation today (do I need to explain all over again?!) Anyways, officially 2 more hours 'til a beginning of a new school year for me!

Gotta get ready! Let's just see how things go for me in my first day of school. Ciao!

school starts this Tues. (for me LoL).

Tomorrow is already the start of classes for our school. I'm guessing almost all schools are going to start, too. My bro will be going to school again hehe Oh and no school for me today (since it's already like AM.), because it's our RLE every MTW and capping is still on July so we can't have our duty yet (officially). Anyways our section will be having an orientation for our RLE (hospital duty) on Tues., we'll be having it with another section.

Hay..It's a miracle! For the first time in my college life our section retained BUT it remained from our section this summer (though some wants the section to be retained from last sem (the CDx days), right? ahehe). Damn! If only we could pick our own section and classmates huh. I'm guessing that's what everybody's been thinking through the back of their minds, too. I have no idea why they make it a problem. I mean, I don't mind being in the same section or being reshuffled. I just mind if the professors teach well and if my groupmates for our hospital duties are participative/cooperative. And when it comes to friends, eversince our sections keep on reshuffling, people's friends change, too. My friends change every semester, so I don't have any stable friend/s. At least some people still keep in touch with me, hang-out; I get to see some of the people I know around school - they still remember me somehow. Unlike other people who have friends here since H.S. and stuff..mine are way far (It's good some still keep in touch..). But at least I can find 1 or 3 here to be with; and that's quite enough for me to keep me focused in studying. I don't want my reason for failing to achieve my goal to be because of the influence of peers. Stupid reason huh. But it can happen! Besides, I can balance myself! People wonder how I do that with a busy sched. :S (uhmm, try to balance your time. Geez.) it's a nonsense thing to ask - common sense. Anyways yea, that's a good thing for me :) For those people asking me that question, stop asking me how and just use y'all common sense and try it ok.

I guess that's it. Oh..I can't wait for capping! I'm already, a little nervous though ahehe ^-^. God bless to everyone in their first day at school! <3

New Blog Layout.

Hey guys! I've got a new blog layout! I picked this layout because the template fits with the theme of any blog journal and it doesn't have anyone on it unlike my previous layout, so no comments there. Anyways, yea this new layout - it's kool and simple..and I like it! Besides, it's better now because you can see all my posts clearly now ^-^ Hope y'all like my new layout!

* Schools starting this Monday..and I'm not prepared yet huhu! That fast huh! Hay..I guess that's life.

Peace Out! <3

start of a new month.

Well, today is a start of a new month. The month of June. School's gonna be starting soon and I don't feel like it yet, though I'm excited to start school this year! Oh..Why didn't they just let school start after Phil. Independence Day right. Then they'll all go making make-up classes. I kinda hate make-up classes ya know. Geez..Anyways yea, we'll just see how this month goes for me..

End of May 2006..

Today's date is 31, the last day of May 2006. Lots of things had happened this month of May. As usual, good and bad. So let's all sleep today and wake up with a new day tomorrow, with a new month, with lots of stuff ahead of us once again this June 2006. Hay..Life just keeps on going on..on and on..We'll never know what happens..

Hanging out @ SM Clark..

Today, me and two of my friends went to SM Clark. No reason. We just wanted to hang out before school starts. Because school is going to start on June 5. And that's fo real! Anyways, the hang-out today actually wasn't planned (as always..). When we reached SM Clark, we thought of eating first since we didn't eat our lunch (and breakfast) yet. We ate at Kenny Rogers. Actually we wanted to eat at a different place. The only problem was that all the other places were full and got no vacant seats. So we roamed around and saw only a few people eating at Kenny Rogers. We had no choice but to eat there even if it was kinda expensive. At least I felt my stomach can't take no more. Then we watched "Manay Po" in the cinema. My friend treated us in the cinema (except for the snacks. It's up to us on the snacks. Because our appetite was so...ya know hehe ^-^). Me & one of my friend wanted to watch another movie showing but our friend treated us, so we just thought, 'why not give chances to the birthday boy!' ;) We had like one hour to go before the movie starts, so we just thought of buying our snacks and having a little videoke session (of course! In the private room haha!) for at least before the movie starts.

The movie turned out to be okay. It made me laugh somehow. it kinda reminded me of the movie 'Brokeback Mountain', but in a Filipino version haha! John Prats made it look like acting gay was so easy hehe! Funny! Okay, after the movie, we went out and heard people were screaming and shouting. Guess why? It's because Dennis Trillo of GMA7 was in SM Clark! He looks so white compared to seeing/watching him on TV. He kinda has the looks ^-^ BTW: I got no pics of Dennis Trillo. There was just a lot of people in the way so forget it. People just annoys me when it's crowded and they just bump into you like there's no one in front/back of you. Don't you just hate people like them? Because I do! Either I just want to push them back or say, 'Hey watch it! Can't you see where you're walking!' But can't. I'm a good girl. Ow? Haha Anyways, you guys know how he looks like..

After that, we kinda just walked around SM Clark once again before we all part our ways to go back to our home sweet home. Yea before getting on a jeepney to part ways for another day almost ending, we went walking all the way to Balikbayan Park and just did nothing but talk - this reminded me of me and my besty/barkada back when I was still in AUH. Aw..makes me miss them..!

Well, at least we all had fun awhile ago! Even though our feet kinda got tired from all the walking we did..hope I don't get cramps hehe.

click here for more pics..


update: sister arrived safely!

Yey! My sister arrived safely here in Phil. Thank God. Can't wait to see her hehe
That's all. Ciao. <3

sister's coming..!

Finally a new post! Geez it's like in the past few days I can't think of what to post. So today it just popped out of my mind to tell y'all that my sister's on the plane right now on the way here to Phil. (if you don't wanna hear this, I don't mind. It's my blog haha :P) ..She'll be arriving today later in the afternoon. Haha I can't believe we're feeling close. Maybe it's because of the distance LoL. My parents are gonna follow up and I'm way excited to see them too! I can't wait to see them all! God bless!

Haha I'm that excited huh! Of course! Who wouldn't be? I mean, I'm sure you guys are excited to see your family when you are way apart from them, too. Am I right? I'm guessing majority of you people says I'm right hehe. If you don't know the feeling of it, you'll get to it soon. You'll tend to miss them, too..somehow. Just like missing your loved ones - bf/gf, best friend, close friend..whoever you love so dearly. Or as simple as missing the things they do. It's like when you're apart from each other for a long time even if you guys have contact through internet, phone and any other means of communication (y'all know what they are. Don't make me enumerate them one by one LoL.) I tell you, it's really different when you get to see them in personal. Really.

NO REASON: Oh yea my feeling on the plane, I actually don't like the smell of plane food, it kinda makes me feel like I wanna puke but the food actually tastes good. I never got used to the smell of plane food though haha. What would get my mind off it? Watching nice stuff on the TV or just listening to music. The best way I did was cover my nose with my hanky haha funny me. But it did help! (LYAO this haha!) And the best seats are always near the window. I like viewing outside the window. Me and my bro would argue for who gets that seat sometimes. Let's give chances for once hehe.

Whew! Another post. At least I've made up for the past few days. Anyways, yea we gonna fun here hehe! I can't wait!

Unforgettable Memories..

As I reminisce my past, good and bad. Some I regret while some I treasure. Still inside of me the memories that I want to forget. Enough of the bad memories!

Ah! Good times! My life in Abu Dhabi was one of my unforgettable memories..ever! This is where I was born and raised all my life! This is where I had all my first that I could remember - first birthday..first everything! (Well not all. I still got a lot ahead of me hehe ^-^) Oh yeah! Happy to have my first friends in Abu Dhabi but sad to say everyone took their own paths after H.S. I'm missing my H.S. classmates and my Besties! Some I have know my whole life! Believable huh. So anyways, why'd I post this? Well to explain it, when we get bored or do nothing, we tend to think about things. So I, on the other hand have no idea why I always think of those memories. Maybe it's because of the moments? The fun? Memories? Of course! Duh! It's like we have known each other for so long now! And it keeps repeating in my head over and over again like rewinds. Even if they didn't know, I treat them as family, like brothers and sisters. If I would write down everything about my H.S. classmates and Besties, I could! It's really a great feeling! Best H.S. Batch ever and I wouldn't replace it. Besties, you guys are the best! I'm so lucky to have you guys. But I still wonder why all my best friends who are girls don't last longer like you guys?! Oh well..At least I've still got you guys! *sigh* Now everyone's apart from each other, well, some still see each other. The thing is, it's been more than a year being apart and still the bond is there. And hoping it never breaks. Reunions are planned but some couldn't make it (and I'm one of them - for a good reason though!) What can I do about memories to be unforgotten? I would treasure every moment that I had with them. God bless to all of us and see y'all in the future! Aw..enough with the mushy stuff! See I have a lot to tell about my life in Abu Dhabi! But I wouldn't want to make it longer for you guys to be bored on. My life, really can't be put down to words. So here ends another one of my posts!

some H.S. classmates reunited last Summer 2005 at Rocky's Cafe, Dubai


Miss You Guys! more pics? click here!

* I had a hard time finding pics of our hang-out spots. But I got some videos from my besty when he came here to check it out.

Delayed Pictures now at Multiply.

For the people who were asking me to send them some pictures back then, I am sorry for the delay. So now, to make it up to you guys, just check them out at my multiply site if ever you still want the pictures:

click here to check out the photos.

* I'll be updating my photos from time to time as well as my blog.


I found it funny!

May 11-12, we had our return demonstration in doing ID, SubQ and IM. Why did I post this in my blog? No reason! It's because this is what we do when we are bored in class just waiting for our turn. Meet Elvis and Baby Kwashiorkor (did I get the spelling right?!) What's with them? None much. They're just the focus of this post hehe So..What? No reason! I just found it funny! :S (Picture taken by Jepoy & Thesa - Funny! ^-^)

SM Clark

Last May 15, 2006, the last day of our summer classes and we had the hardest exam in NCM100. Okay anyways, to keep ourselves stressed out, Dobz invited me to go with him after our exams to treat ourselves for finishing summer classes at the newly opened SM Clark here in Pampanga. It's a one trip ride if you take the CheckPoint-Balibago jeepney and you stop at Balikbayan Park and walk a little to reach the overpass, the only problem is on the way there it's traffic. We arrived there and dang it was big! You have to walk an overpass to reach there. When I entered SM Clark, it kind of reminded me about a mix of SM Baguio and Marina Mall hehe. Oh yeah we ate in Kenny Rogers and just roaming around wasting our time before the movie we wanted to watch starts, and that movie is 'Silent Hill'. (Note: I am not a horror freak! Dobz made me watch huhu!) Anyways, we saw a Gummy Bear Mascot and for trips, we took a picture with Gummy Bear. Gummy Bear's sooo cute! Look at him at this pic hehe ^-^ oh yeah, by the time we were about to go home, it kind of rained. Aww..but at least we had fun though it rained and our feet ached because of all the walking around we did! Ciao! <3

Me, Joy and Dobz with Gummy Bear at SM Clark.


Chicken Soup has been one of my favorite books. And still is. I love all the books of Chicken Soup! I love all the stories and poems compiled in each series of this books (even the cute drawings in them too ^-^) because they are all real life to ponder on and can easily be related to. As I was reading my Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul 2 again, I read this poem that not only I can relate to, but everyone. This poem talks about friendship and accepting changes, and it is titled "Changes":

"Friends forever," you promised.
"Together till the end."
We did everything with each other.
You were my best friend.

When I was sad, you were by my side.
When I was scared, you felt my fear.
You were my best support --
If I need you, you were there.

You were the greatest friend,
You always knew what to say;
You made everything seem better.
As long as we had each other,
Everything would be okay.

Bt somewhere along the line,
We slowly came apart.
I was here, you were there,
It tore a hole in my heart.

Things were changing,
Our cheerful music reversed its tune.
It was like having salt without pepper,
A sun without its moon.

Suddenly we were miles apart,
Two different people, with nothing the same.
It was as if we hadn't been friend;
Although we knew deep in our hearts
Neither one of us was to blame.

You had made many new friends
And luckily, so had I
But that didn't change the hurt –
The loss of our friendship made me cry.

As we grow older, things must change
But they don't always have to end.
Even though it is different now,
You will always be my friend.


So, what did you guys think of the poem? Can you relate to it like I did? Kind of sad in a way huh? This poem made me realize that people change, good or bad. Just like the poem itself, I had experienced almost the same things as what is written (I know you guys did, too). It doesn't mean you forget the past or try to cover it up. It simply means that you move on, and treasure all the memories. Even if you couldn't do anything to fix it, cry over it, nothing would happen unless it's destiny for you guys to be best friends LoL. I guess what I'm trying to say is that there's no use for crying, you can cry but not cry too much over it. Because people change and we have to accept that fact. Just be thankful for letting them be a part of your life and let the memories (good or bad) remain treasured in our hearts. Sorry to all the people/friends that I've hurt. Thanks for everything! You know who you guys are. Miss you guys! Enough with emoting. This is where I end my reaction. ^-^

My 1st Blog Entry

Oh hey! I'm a Blogger Newbie! (Actually i had this account for how long now. I just thought of using it again. Makes sense?) Finally I had the time LoL.

Okay. Two months ago, looking for a blog website aside from friendster, I went to google to search for an interesting blog site that I can use and out of curiosity, I saw "", reading the caption below that website, I was curious to see what this site would intend to have to make people interested with it. I checked it out and hmm.,it looks okay, the usual blog sites that people would like to have to share their journals in public, am I right? It took me almost 2 weeks to come up with the decision to try this site out. And now, newly registered (because I feel like a newbie since I didn't use this for a long time), am now considered as one of the million Bloggers! Yehey! I'm still getting a hang of it though.

As you can see, I really am not much of a writer. I am more of a reader actually. I'd like to try improving my skills in writing that's why I tried out this new blog site even if I saw lots of these already. Anyways, writing a blog is like writing stuff that just pops out of your mind and you just start typing it all down. I guess that's how I see it. Memories? Maybe..Writing is important in ways of helping us in reports, essays, oh yeah -especially at the professional section. Why do I say so? It's because, the way you write may help you climb your way up to promotion in terms of writing good reports or proposals. Even in school writing is useful -writing essays, doing thesis, case studies, would be satisfying to have a high grade on that. Agreeable statements, right? Crap! This is reminding me of one of my subjects when I was in 2nd year college, 2nd semester. The subject was called TechWri (Technical Writing) haha! :S Didn't pay attention that much, but I got a high grade! Coincidence? Haha ^-^

Uhmm..Going to start my 3rd year in college and I still feel like that my writing skills need to be improved, as well as my handwriting since people say it looks like one of those comic thingy (haha Laugh on that! at least it's cute :P ). As a fact, we tend to forget things we can study. Sometimes after my class is over, some of the things I've learned comes out the other ear, as they say. I regret the times that I don't do my best in school, it makes me feel like I just wasted my time and parents' money. Don't you feel the same way as I do sometimes? But they just tend to say, "I know you did your best. I'm proud of you." Hold on a sec! How'd my topic in writing lead to schoolworks?! Ok going back..

..With not much left to say, I'm proud of myself for making my 1st blog entry for the first time in my busy life, not knowing that I have already typed 3-4 paragraphs. Now that's a start ^-^ With the pressure I'm feeling in school with all the schoolworks and hospital duties, I'm surprised to see myself having time for different things. Now that's what I call balance! What an accomplishment! Not much people can balance stuff like that. Well, I guess my mind feels more relaxed now (Duh! It's vacation - what's to expect?! LoL). So, here ends my 1st blog entry. Whew! Now that's the feeling of getting stuff our of your chest! Does it relate?! Anyways, I hope you guys liked my first blog entry. 'Til here!