CONquest 2008

Once again, I joined the variety show competition of our CON days this year. Usually, I'd participate yearly in the dance & volleyball activities. Unfortunately, I didn't get to play volleyball due to some misunderstandings. Since a lot of people wanted to join, that person didn't even think of conducting try-outs to select the players best to compete in the game. Forget it. It's better to not join knowing that your teammates are not selected right or join the team that's nonsense. It's a good thing I chose not to join anymore. Pity, they lost. But what the heck, my sister's team won champion for the first time (women's division). Congrats.=)

At least I joined the variety show. And dancing is one thing I like to do. It's like what I say, "College wouldn't be that fun if I don't participate in dancing or volleyball." Well, that's aside from studying. That's a good way to relax and mingle with your fellow batchmates. Anyway, reminiscing to our practice days, we practiced for 2 weeks prior to the competition day. We even had to practice on our 3 days of CON days and had an overnight the day before the competition. We even had practice a few hours before the variety show would start. But, aside from the checking of attendance, it has been fun, not like the fun I had last year, but just "okay" fun. I uploaded photos in my multiply account. Just click here to view the photos.

So, here's a recap of the 3 days:


AM-Noon: There was the motorcade, parade of colors, opening of SportsFest & CONquest 2008, and the awaited Cheerdance Competition, wherein the 4th year Red Dragons won 1st place, followed by the 2nd year Green Crocs.

HAU CON Days 2008 Cheerdance Competition - Red Dragons

HAU CON Days 2008 Cheerdance Competition - Green Crocs

PM: They had the part I of Mr.&Ms.Nursing '08 by being ramp models, along with previous Mr.&Ms.Nursing winners, and some CIs. This was followed by the acoustic battle of the bands. Congrats to one of my NCM104 Lecturers (Dr.Andrey Logan) for winning.


AM-Noon: Continuation of SportsFest.

PM: Part II of Mr.&Ms.Nursing '08 was held today. And one of my classmate won 1st runner-up. Congrats Tinay!


AM-Noon: Last day of SportsFest.

PM: This is the day we performed for the variety show competition. We performed a ballet/hip-hop theme since our movie theme was Step Up. Damn how I love the energy when I perform. It's like I give it all I've got on the dancefloor! I just wish studying would be that exciting (that's another story). Anyway, we won 2nd place (again). But that's okay though the judges said we should've won but we lack props compared to the other year level who had A LOT of props and had a pre-victory party. Man, they were so confident they'd win. And they actually won - as over-all champion.

Well, CON days was okay and competitive in a way. This was a good way for us nursing students to get to know each other by bonding through different activities. This is surely my last experience of participating in CON days.

* Videos were taken from my i-mate JASJAM (uploaded on my YouTube account).

Bring It CON! Cheerdance Competition - Red Horse Seniors

Sept. 24, 2007

One of the events of our CON Days was the Bring it CON! Cheerdance Competition 2007 held at our school (HAU) gym. We, 4th year nursing students represented as the Red Horse Seniors. Congrats though we didn't win.=)

* Video was taken from my i-mate JASJAM (uploaded on my YouTube account).

Hale - Mr. Birghtside

March 27, 2006

Grand Summer Concert of Hale, Sugarfree, and Spongecola which was held at our school (HAU) here at Angeles City, Pampanga. I know the video's incomplete. I just loved the cover song that Hale sang here entitled "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers.

* Video was taken from our Yashiba Digital Camera (uploaded on my YouTube account).

N-308: Group 2 Video Tribute

N-308: Group 2
HAU-CON S.Y. 2006-2007

A video tribute made by yours truly.=)

* Video was made using Windows Movie Maker (uploaded on my YouTube account).