Carry your computer in your pocket.

Tom Merritt, Executive Editor of CNET TV (Insider Secrets), shows how to carry your applications and settings on a USB Flash Drive instead of carrying around your laptop. He provided some websites such as:

* Portable Applications
* Portable Freeware
* U3
* Ceedo

He also mentioned TrueCrypt, that lets you encrypt your files in your USB.

Here's a review summary of what I think:

+ Portable Applications and TrueCrypt is free to use.
+ You don't need to install anything to any computer.
+ Useful for people who don't want to bring their bulky laptop wherever they go.
+ You can use your iPod, MP3/MP4 players, anything that can store data - provided they can be read as a hard drive on any computer.

- Not all your applications and settings will be carried over.
- U3 and Ceedo has a limit. You will be prompted to pay if you want the full application.