good game Lakers. and a big congrats to Celtics.

For the 17th time in franchise history, the Boston Celtics are NBA Champions.

"After the game, Paul Pierce was named Finals MVP. He had a modest outing in Game 6, but stood out plenty in the previous five games to deserve the honor. Pierce averaged 21.8 points and 6.3 assists per game as he, Garnett and Allen captured the first NBA titles of their long, accomplished, respective careers."

Being a fan of the Lakers since elemtary, I was disappointed by their gameplay. Who wouldn't right? Lakers have been winning ever since I became a fan of their team, ever since Kobe and Shaq were still the duo hardcore of Lakers. You know, if Lakers were to win this year's title, it would've been Kobe Bryant to be MVP. But again, their team lost by 39 points in Game 6. It's not about Kobe Bryant this time, it's about the whole team, not doing that good enough to prove that they can win this year's title against Boston Celtics (with Keven Garnett, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce on this team).

Anyway, that's just what I think. Now back to the topic, it was a final score of 131-92. A 39 point lead from the Celtics. Wow. Well, even though the Lakers didn't win this year's title, I'm still a Lakers fan. There's still next year. Go Lakers! And a Big Congratulations to Boston Celtics for a great game against the LA Lakers this season hehe =)

go Lakers!!=)

Lakers won game 5 vs. Celtics with a score of 103-98. Both teams are good. But I'm a Lakers fan since elementary, where Kobe and Shaq were still the hardcore duo of Lakers. Somehow, I believe that the Lakers will make it to game 7.

Ok, enough with the drama. Now for game 6, this may be one of the advantages of the Celtics' due to the game which will be held at their homecourt at Boston.

At the very least, there is a game 6. Now I can't wait to watch game 6 haha

Go Lakers!!=)

* Other photos of Lakers vs. Celtics: Game 5 can be found here.

Lakers won Game 3 of NBA Finals 87-81

"Somewhere in the mess of an NBA Finals game, after the fouls finished stacking up alongside the airballs and missed free throws, a clear, indelible image finally emerged. The Lakers weren't dead yet.

It sure looked as if they were done, but it was merely a deception, an illusion, as Phil Jackson might call it, the Lakers answering three uninspired quarters with a lasting fourth-quarter push in an 87-81 Game 3 victory Tuesday at Staples Center." -

Lakers won Game 3 with a score of 87 versus Celtics who lost by 6 points with a score of 81. Pretty tight game. But I knew the Lakers would rise up after losing Game 2. Can't wait for Game 4 haha Go Lakers!! =)