Team Infiniti + Raymond and PGs: April 21, 2008 Pics already uploaded.

Just click on the links provided below to check out the album posted at my Multiply account. Taken at The Coffee Academy and Mimosa Holiday Inn 'cuz I haven't uploaded all the pics in Friendster, MySpace, or Facebook.

April 21, 2008:

* Team Infiniti + Raymond - Breakfast/Bonding at The Coffee Academy

* PGs at Mimosa Holiday Inn & The Coffee Academy

Thanks! I'll be uploading the End of Tax Season Party pics as soon as I have all the pics compiled. Miss you all! =)

The Sims celebrates 100 million copies sold worldwide

WOW!! I have seen The Sims develop and have played the first Sims game and am still continuing to play with the latest of The Sims' creations; so The Sims have come a long way and it keeps getting better.

The official website says 100 million copies. And I'm proud to be an avid player of The Sims. I'm also proud to say that 13 of those are mine (soon to own 2 more hehe XD).


* To all the Sim Players - A letter from Rod Humble, Producer.

"Belated" and "Happy Birthday"

"Belated" and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the following people:

April 12:

* Florence Carla Ebbay
* Mark Gregory Ranches

April 14:

* Justin Bugasto

I Miss You All!! =)