Miami Heat wins NBA Finals 2006!

They are mostly going to remember the finish.

They will inevitably remember that 2-0 lead Nowitzki's Dallas Mavericks seized in their first NBA Finals and everything taken away from them thereafter by the new, worthy champs from Miami.

What happened there?! If the Mavs had already won Game 3, the series is pretty much over! In the video below is the last 10 seconds of their Game 6 before the win. Even though they gave Jason Terry a chance to force OT with shooting a 3, does it look like or it just looked like he lost his balance because of a foul that wasn't called as one?! At the end, it wasn't called as a foul. I guess it was the Mavs who couldn't keep up. "Maybe they were starting to celebrate too early.."(as they said from Game 3) Tsk, tsk..problems with Mavs from the start of Game 3. They should've won their 4th victory..

By Game 6, Miami really was an 'everybody' as they would say it. The Mavs weren't simply dealing with their Dwyane Wade problems. Instead, they had Alonzo Mourning problems, Udonis Haslem problems, and even Antoine Walker problems. It looked like Miami won The Finals this year with Dwayne Wade (Jersey #3) as their MVP! (Fact: Dwayne Wade is the 5th youngest MVP in the NBA Finals!)Miami won against the Dallas leading with a 95-92 score.

"You all witnessed it," Riley said. "You all watched it. Players like that are very hard to come by, and to watch them grow right in front of you ... I've never had a player (Dwayne Wade) like this." (Practice makes Perfect!)

To sum it up, the Mavs, at 2-0 up and 89-76 ahead in Game 3, were suppose to win. But it looks like the farther away they fell from wining since Dallas' confidence problems had them snowballed. I don't think when the season started anybody picked Dallas and Miami to be in the Finals. Would you believe it? Unbelievable! The Miami Heat managed to put it together at the right time and prove the doubters wrong. Miami has beaten the Bulls, Nets and Pistons to reach the Finals. Then after falling into a 2-0 series against the Mavs, the Heat won 4 straight games to claim their first NBA title in franchise history. Expect the unexpected. Anyways, cheers to the Miami Heat for winning this year's season!

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Happy Father's Day..!

Just so you all would know - it's Father's Day today! June 18th. So if ever you guys didn't know that today is that day for Fathers all over the world, then it's not too late to greet them! It's all over the TV, so you can’t miss it!

Thanks for everything and all! Love you Pop (and Mom ^-^)! See you guys soon! I can’t wait!

* my POP. ^-^

..and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! to y'all's Fathers out there! <3

* Yay! My colds are gone wehe ^-^

what a week.

Wow! It's been 10 days since my previous post! It's been a long time since I've posted huh. Since school started last week, we already are swamped with a lot of school work! So I've been pretty busy these past few days. I guess that's how school is. College has more requirements though. It gets more difficult the higher the level. Hmm..Let's see if I could summarize what we did this week..we had our orientation 2 days ago at JBLMRH, located in San Fernando, here in Pampanga, which is one of the affiliated hospitals for us in our school to have our rotations/duties in, with other hospitals as well. We can start having our duties officially after our Capping this coming July. I can't wait! Exciting but nervous on what lies ahead ^-^ We also have our community duty. Our section was assigned to Cutud. We're on a rush since we have to finish all our requirements in our community duty before our Capping Ceremony. The preparations for the community assembly and other requirements..many more to come hehe.

See how pressured we are? With all the major requirements, quizzes, etc. with all our subjects. Would you believe it that almost all are being given at the same time! Wow! That busy, but still have some time for anything..College is really difficult, but it will help us a lot with our future profession. Of course! With us doing our part with a little effort. It's good that we still end the day with a smile on our faces though we are stressed out most of the time right? We can survive the life of being a college student. Hay..I still can't believe that we're 3rd year college already. *sigh* How time flies so fast. How many more years to go and we've achieved another goal in our life. Little sacrifices, all our stress and hardwork - it's gonna be worth it at the end. Ughh..I've got the cough and colds. Maybe it's because of the weather here..freakin' hot at the same time it rains! ..rainy season :S Hope I get well soon haha! Well, here ends my post. 'Til my next post!

New School Year.

School actually started yesterday but we had no classes because it was our RLE and we were going to have our orientation, well, today in the afternoon. So today is a start of a new school year. Still have the same classmates as last summer classes because our section retained :S. Like I've said in my previous post, we'll be having our orientation today (do I need to explain all over again?!) Anyways, officially 2 more hours 'til a beginning of a new school year for me!

Gotta get ready! Let's just see how things go for me in my first day of school. Ciao!

school starts this Tues. (for me LoL).

Tomorrow is already the start of classes for our school. I'm guessing almost all schools are going to start, too. My bro will be going to school again hehe Oh and no school for me today (since it's already like AM.), because it's our RLE every MTW and capping is still on July so we can't have our duty yet (officially). Anyways our section will be having an orientation for our RLE (hospital duty) on Tues., we'll be having it with another section.

Hay..It's a miracle! For the first time in my college life our section retained BUT it remained from our section this summer (though some wants the section to be retained from last sem (the CDx days), right? ahehe). Damn! If only we could pick our own section and classmates huh. I'm guessing that's what everybody's been thinking through the back of their minds, too. I have no idea why they make it a problem. I mean, I don't mind being in the same section or being reshuffled. I just mind if the professors teach well and if my groupmates for our hospital duties are participative/cooperative. And when it comes to friends, eversince our sections keep on reshuffling, people's friends change, too. My friends change every semester, so I don't have any stable friend/s. At least some people still keep in touch with me, hang-out; I get to see some of the people I know around school - they still remember me somehow. Unlike other people who have friends here since H.S. and stuff..mine are way far (It's good some still keep in touch..). But at least I can find 1 or 3 here to be with; and that's quite enough for me to keep me focused in studying. I don't want my reason for failing to achieve my goal to be because of the influence of peers. Stupid reason huh. But it can happen! Besides, I can balance myself! People wonder how I do that with a busy sched. :S (uhmm, try to balance your time. Geez.) it's a nonsense thing to ask - common sense. Anyways yea, that's a good thing for me :) For those people asking me that question, stop asking me how and just use y'all common sense and try it ok.

I guess that's it. Oh..I can't wait for capping! I'm already, a little nervous though ahehe ^-^. God bless to everyone in their first day at school! <3

New Blog Layout.

Hey guys! I've got a new blog layout! I picked this layout because the template fits with the theme of any blog journal and it doesn't have anyone on it unlike my previous layout, so no comments there. Anyways, yea this new layout - it's kool and simple..and I like it! Besides, it's better now because you can see all my posts clearly now ^-^ Hope y'all like my new layout!

* Schools starting this Monday..and I'm not prepared yet huhu! That fast huh! Hay..I guess that's life.

Peace Out! <3

start of a new month.

Well, today is a start of a new month. The month of June. School's gonna be starting soon and I don't feel like it yet, though I'm excited to start school this year! Oh..Why didn't they just let school start after Phil. Independence Day right. Then they'll all go making make-up classes. I kinda hate make-up classes ya know. Geez..Anyways yea, we'll just see how this month goes for me..