For 2007.

This is my last post for the year 2006. It's been another one of those good years for me. And lots of events, look forward to this upcoming year. So I've posted this survey out in the bulletins in friendster & myspace. And I've really thought about what I would answer here. I suppose this is more comprehensible than my previous post haha.

-- This one's all about what I want out of '07! So I thought about it hard! ;)

1. Will you be looking for a new job?
* hopefully after i graduate in college. 1 more year to go!

2. Will you be looking for a new relationship?
* who knows..

3. Will you be looking for a new house?
* we just moved last year.

4. What will you do different in '07?
* something..

5. New Year's resolution?
* i don't think i'll make one. i still have some resolutions back then w/c haven't been resolved yet. i'll TRY to resolve those first.. :s

6. What will you not be doing in '07?
* i will not be doing..what i'm not going to do..

7. Trips?
* trips? as in vacations or some sort? not some time this year. this is gonna be another one of those busy years for me :s

8. Wedding plans?
* nah. still too young for that.

9. What's on your calendar?
* pretty much bdays and school stuff. i know! boring haha!

10. What can't you wait for?
* i can't wait for a lot of things! i know it's still far but one of them is to graduate by next year!

11. What would you like to see happen differently?
* i don't know.

12. What about yourself will you be changing?
* i don't really know..but for a long time i've been trying to change one thing in me :s

13. What happened in '06 that you didn't think would ever happen?
* me passing is one of them..i wasn't expecting it cuz it was just hard! and i thank God for everything He's done for me & my family this year!
..and the rest is for me to know.

14. Will you be nicer to the people you care about?
* sure, why not..haha j/k. i've always been kinda nice :P

15. Will you dress differently this year than you did in '06?
* whatever..?!

16. Will you start or quit drinking?
* i only drink ocassionally so no problem here.

17. Will you better your relationship with your family?
* sure! i try my best.

18. Will you do charity work?
* i dunno..

19. Will you go to bars?
* i never even went to one lol.

20. Will you be nice to people you don't know?
* always hehe

21. Do you expect '07 to be a good year for you?
* sure.

22. How much did you change from this time last year 'til now?
* i dunno..ask the peepz who've been with me this '06.

23. Do you plan on having a child?
* of course but not anytime soon. i'm still young! i need to wait for the RIGHTS lol

24. Will you still be friends with the same people you are friends with now?
* of course..we'll just see how it goes..

25. Major lifestyle changes?
* don't even know..

26. Will you be moving?
* we just moved last year.

27. What will you make sure doesn't happen in '07 that happened in '06?
* i'll try not to.

28. What are your New Year's Eve plans?
* no plans really. surely just stay at home..we'll see..

29. Will you have someone to kiss at midnight?
* aside from my parents, i doubt it haha.

30. One wish for '07?
* that's for myself to know..

Review of 2006

This time of year is always a great time to look back and reflect on our life. As 2006 comes to an end and 2007 arrives, I find myself focused on what I've learned about life through daily living. Many of life's factors affect every individual's life - not just on the physical level but even more so on the mental and spiritual levels. When thoughts affect our actions (which is 100% of the time true according to researches), they realized that state of mind and thought processes hold the keys to how our life unfolds and what we are able to achieve in various aspects of our life. And for always, thanking God for every breath of life & blessings that He has given me and my family! I thank God for his guidance and for being so good to us! :) I also am sorry for whoever I've hurt this year (If there are any, w/c I'm sure there always is) For the people who think I'm angry at them, for not talking to them for a long time or for some other reasons..I'm not. Don't worry. I won't get angry unless there's a good reason to be. ;)

In 2007 - I start again! Like a new life for a new year! Well..I can't promise anything but I'll try though. But I won't wait. The earlier the better! Everyone should start by not leaving our fate up to our very impressionable subconscious. We should take control of our subconscious by being more conscious of our thoughts and actions. Draw up plans, achieve let's get moving! Create our version of 'life' and our entire life benefits.

I have no idea what I have been writing in this post cuz I can't seem to concentrate with a lot of things on my mind :s Anyways, Bare with me here haha I hope you guys can understand what I mean..if not..a summary here in my next post - a survey for my '07. So, Advance Happy New Year and thank you to everyone for reading what I write here..and again..most especially to the people close to my heart - thanks for everything!

Lots of stuff to happen in 2007 - who knows right?! We'll see how the new year goes for me..God bless!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas To Everyone! Happy Holidays!
God bless! :)

it's an urban word now!

Upon receiving an e-mail yesterday from Urban Dictionary's word for the day (12/16/2006), this word is the actual term that me & my best friends use to call each other! How cool is that!
* besty - a shorter word for "best friend".
* besties - short for "best friends".

I never knew the terms above were recently being used in the urban world..and now I found out that my mom & her best friend also uses 'besty' to call each other, too! Nevertheless, we've been using it for years now so we're ahead of the people who recently posted about it in Urban Dictionary haha XD
A'La Carte XYZ is one of the group of friends that I hang out with back in AUH w/ the know who you guys are! :)


* ..on the other hand.. *

Prelim Exams were yesterday. Analysis & interpretation pretty much makes our exams difficult. That's where our critical thinking comes in. I'd say I did well..we'll have to see the results then. In situations like those, I usually tend to feel worried/nervous inside 'cuz I wouldn't know what comes next: whether I passed or not :s They say when you think positive, the results comes out positive and vice versa. Something to do with the mind's mechanism maybe?! That's something to ponder on. I know..not a big deal to some but it kinda is to me 'cuz this is one of my goals..this is my future. Enough said! Congrats to Yeng Constantino! The 1st PDA Grand Star Dreamer! She deserves it! Very young yet talented! :) But still i never liked her with RJ..eeeww :s So anyways, it's Christmas break already wohoo! Let's have some Christmas spirit in us! And a New Year is yet to come! Happy holidays to everyone! God bless!

way of cooling down.

I'm in no mood to be posting but I felt like posting anyways. Have you ever felt pissed and just want to let it all out for the world to know?! Well, today is our last day of classes, tomorrow is our prelim exam, then Christmas break after that. I was in the mood the whole day, when we got dismissed from school, I went straight home since something came up - I kinda got pissed off with a so called friend of mine! I don't want to mention the person's name to be free from rumors (another thing I hate but don't mind). I kinda got a lil pissed in a part of the text message wherein it said something about my ability to do something/personality! With my pride and guts, I replied back..trying to be calm with a sense of being pissed inside. That person never replied back! You said you'll never repeat what you did the previous time..but look! As simple as a small thing, you just have to do it again didn't you! There's a saying when you get angry, count to 10..tried it! Not much of an effect on me. I guess my way of cooling down is either just keeping quiet, being alone, listening to music, thinking what just happened..than cool off as simple as that. What I just posted now is my 2nd option - letting it out or just telling it a close friend(s)/family member maybe. That's my way of cooling down. What's yours?

I won't take back what I said. It wasn't my fault but it was my fault according to you anyways. Whatever you say or do won't affect me since I know what's true and I'll spend my Christmas break like I have nothing to do with what just happened haha No worries for me since I know that Someone's watching up above. *inhales then exhales deeply* I feel much better than a while ago! It's a great feeling to have Him in my life. I'm so thankful! Unlike before I can't keep my cool. I would usually lose my temper and break loose & eventually hurt people's feelings. What's done is done. I can't do anything about what just happened. To be the good person that I am, I'll forgive you for what you did. But I'm not one to forget that easily! Just act like nothing happened then things will be okay between us again instead of me forming more wrinkles on my face haha. Oh and not that I'm sensitive or serious, or anything - I'm not. This is a typical problem that people usually encounter.

Another one of the many obstacles in my life - SOLVED! Since I let whatever I want to say or feel release out of me, onto focusing on reviewing for our prelim exams tomorrow :s another one of those never-ending obstacles in my life! I'm not sure if it's me who's blogging o.O Yeah it's ME! Time to review! God bless to everyone tomorrow! :)

pics from the past.

All Catholic schools had no school today 'cuz of a holiday called'Immaculate Concepcion' (I'm not sure if I got that right :s). Out of my boredom, I felt like cleaning my room. While cleaning my room, I saw some photo albums of my memories back in AUH, pictures given to me, high school, and some summer vacation pics taken from last year. I've posted some of the pics in my multiply. If I have enough time, I might as well create one for YouTube LoL. It's a good feeling to reminisce on old times, good and bad. Whenever I'm alone or see people hanging out and having fun with their friends, it reminds me of my friends back in AUH. I've blogged about my AUH memories in my previous post (June 2006 I think?!) Hopefully there'll be a reunion soon. I miss them so much! :')
It's already the last month of the year and soon to be a new year again! Sorry for repeating myself but really..time flies so fast! It just feels like I was just starting college one day and here I am..hopefully..soon to graduate after 2 more years! Whoa huh! So anyways, it's already December. I don't know why, but I still can't feel the Christmas spirit in me. Usually, I would feel it by will soon be felt. Maybe it's because I'm pretty much preoccupied with a lot of school work these past few days..and more to come. If I would have some free time available, I'd either try to forget about school, try to occupy myself with things to do..but then, somehow I'd go back to doing school work by the end of the day. Some people think I have no time for fun since my replies pertain to being 'pretty much busy with school.' I try to have fun once in a while, we all would. Life would suck when everyone's too dead serious.

Aside from school, my parents & sister arrived here 3 days ago. Of course me & bro were excited to see them..not to forget the souvenirs they bring us! Yay! Peace! ^-^ These past few days I've wanted to blog about stuff but then my tiredness overcomes my eagerness to blog. In the end I'd blog about nothing. I'm lucky enough to post today haha.