PhoneDog's 100 iPad & Tablet Giveaway!

To PhoneDog fans out there! PhoneDog's giving away 100 Apple iPads, Blackberry Playbooks, or Samsung Galaxy Tabs! Being a PhoneDog follower who started watching their phone reviews on YouTube, I myself have already joined. Go ahead and click on the link below the picture to join too! Who knows we might get lucky to win one of those prizes up for gives!

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Total Revue

Please do help support this blog review site - Total Revue, founded on Dec. 29, 2010 by my dearest cousin, Russell-Harvey Fernandez. A blog site where you can find the reviews of latest games, gadget & game consoles (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii), plus iPad & it's OS firmwares.

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The Sims Medieval Epic Trailer


Helping my friend, Aileen Bautista, advertise her newly opened online shop. Check the page out on Facebook by clicking the link below! She's got clothes, watches, and perfumes.


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Sam Tsui & Christina Grimmie - Just A Dream (Nelly Cover)

Re-opening my blog. Yes?

Do you have a blog? Well, I do! I mean, I did. It hasn't been active since March of last year 2010. But these past few days, I was thinking of re-opening & re-upping this personal random blog of mine. I think I should, should I?=)

Straight To The Point Review: Hate To Love You by LeahT (Chapters 1-22)

From The Sims 3 Community, I can't believe I just read LeahT's Hate To Love You Chapters 1-22 in 1 day! I just got curious all the way! Nice storyline! Though I wasn't expecting Janie to be out of the picture. But her role was a big one since she was the cupid in the story. I also loved how Liam always sticks up for Anabelle with Liam being all flirty and Anabelle being a snob. Especially when he has proven himself to Anabelle's parents. Brave Liam! And Shayne and Donnie? The emo girl and the playboy. I wasn't expecting them to click. Donnie turned out to be one good boy after all! Last Chapter 22, I didn't like what Liam's crazy ex Jessica did punching Anabelle's stomach and cursing. She was that obsessed with Liam! Poor lovebirds. I hope their baby will be fine. Now I can't wait to see what happens in Chapter 23!