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We didn't have any classes/duty today since PGMA was going to attend our school to commemorate the new president of our university. So our group in research spent the time researching in 4 colleges (UP, UST, CEU, SBC) at Manila..just for one day..actually..hours! Our group met up at 5:30-6am but unfortunately someone still came late (Filipino time huh lol)..anyways, we left by 6:30am and took the NLEX for easier and faster transport. From Pampanga to Manila it would usually take 3-4 hours including traffic. But using the NLEX, it only took us 1 and a half hour to reach Manila! What an improvement! We arrived at Manila by 8am and went straight to our first 2 destinations: UST & UP. Then by lunchtime, we went to to the last 2 schools left on our list: CEU & SBC. All we did was research for more sources for our thesis. One thing that also made me happy today - I saw 2 of my H.S.Classmates, Rami & Tin, a while ago, they made time for at least a few minutes since I haven't seen them for like 2 years now. I missed them so much! I can't believe I missed them..and the others! We were talking like back in the days when we were back in AUH! So anyways, they promised me a tour next time I visit Manila cuz I had to go back to Pamp.,and I have people with me..a dozen lol! Sad to say I didn't take a pic of us. Back to researching, we finished by 4:30pm. Since we had school the next day, we didn't have to chance to roam around at least..we went straight back to Pampanga after finishing our task for the day. We arrived here in Pampanga by 6pm..from there, everyone parted ways and went home. Tiring but somewhat fun hehe

This is just in my POV: I would say I never liked to live there in Manila even if the colleges are all high standard. If only THEY can do something to make our country better! THEY keep on repeating the same goal every year..geez! Anyways, my parents were's not a good environment for me and my siblings to be in since we were born and raised in a very well environment. Or maybe it just depends..But this is the way I see it!

Even if majority of my friends are far from me..I know that we'll be seeing each other even if it takes a long time..time will come!

To Rami & Tin: Next time I go to Manila, I'll expect the tour you guys promised! :') miss u guys so much!

Sorry for the wrong grammar! I just wanted to post about this fun & unforgettable experience (I didn't mention all..don't have to) that I had today. I'm sleepy and tired right now from the adventure today haha..*yawns* I'm off to bed! Ciao!