geez..they JUST never stop, do they..

Hay..rumors..they never stop..anyways, I don't feel or am not in the mood to blog about it so here are just some quotes about rumors that I agree on:

"I love it when people judge me negatively..esp. when they're wrong." [=))]

"When people start talking behind your back, nevermind them..because it proves that they are obsessed to make a story about you! Just remember - they are the reason why you should consider yourself FAMOUS."

"Why would I keep on oblitering myself to those who hate me if I could make their lives miserable just by existing?" [haha sooo bad =))]

"Most of what's being said about you by other people doesn't really say about who you are - it says more about who they are..UNCONSCIOUSLY.."

"It's hard to trust people these days." [I strongly agree with this..]

And a piece of advice from my besty from one of our idol Allen Iverson's tattoo - "HOLD MY OWN", "STRENGTH", and "ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE".

There's no need for me to elaborate each saying/quote since all are actually very self-explanatory..

To all you guys (you know who you are)..trying to bring me down or destroy my reputation..I'm not afraid..I don't care.. Besides, in the end it's all you guys' loss and I'll still be standing..I will be..