Straight To The Point Review: Hate To Love You by LeahT (Chapters 1-22)

From The Sims 3 Community, I can't believe I just read LeahT's Hate To Love You Chapters 1-22 in 1 day! I just got curious all the way! Nice storyline! Though I wasn't expecting Janie to be out of the picture. But her role was a big one since she was the cupid in the story. I also loved how Liam always sticks up for Anabelle with Liam being all flirty and Anabelle being a snob. Especially when he has proven himself to Anabelle's parents. Brave Liam! And Shayne and Donnie? The emo girl and the playboy. I wasn't expecting them to click. Donnie turned out to be one good boy after all! Last Chapter 22, I didn't like what Liam's crazy ex Jessica did punching Anabelle's stomach and cursing. She was that obsessed with Liam! Poor lovebirds. I hope their baby will be fine. Now I can't wait to see what happens in Chapter 23!