what a week.

Wow! It's been 10 days since my previous post! It's been a long time since I've posted huh. Since school started last week, we already are swamped with a lot of school work! So I've been pretty busy these past few days. I guess that's how school is. College has more requirements though. It gets more difficult the higher the level. Hmm..Let's see if I could summarize what we did this week..we had our orientation 2 days ago at JBLMRH, located in San Fernando, here in Pampanga, which is one of the affiliated hospitals for us in our school to have our rotations/duties in, with other hospitals as well. We can start having our duties officially after our Capping this coming July. I can't wait! Exciting but nervous on what lies ahead ^-^ We also have our community duty. Our section was assigned to Cutud. We're on a rush since we have to finish all our requirements in our community duty before our Capping Ceremony. The preparations for the community assembly and other requirements..many more to come hehe.

See how pressured we are? With all the major requirements, quizzes, etc. with all our subjects. Would you believe it that almost all are being given at the same time! Wow! That busy, but still have some time for anything..College is really difficult, but it will help us a lot with our future profession. Of course! With us doing our part with a little effort. It's good that we still end the day with a smile on our faces though we are stressed out most of the time right? We can survive the life of being a college student. Hay..I still can't believe that we're 3rd year college already. *sigh* How time flies so fast. How many more years to go and we've achieved another goal in our life. Little sacrifices, all our stress and hardwork - it's gonna be worth it at the end. Ughh..I've got the cough and colds. Maybe it's because of the weather here..freakin' hot at the same time it rains! ..rainy season :S Hope I get well soon haha! Well, here ends my post. 'Til my next post!