what another week.

Another week has gone by once again. I haven't been going online that much since school started because of all the requirements we've been having. And deadlines are too soon because of following a schedule. See how busy. Anyways, here's what's been up with me this past week:

* The day was Monday and we had our community rotation again. Today was kinda exciting because we get to teach elementary students at the school in the community. We get to teach them health teachings such as proper hygiene and nutrition. Our group got assigned to Grade 3 and there were 2 sections for that grade. It was like 20mins. to teach in each section. Time flies so fast when you have fun! We didn't even notice that it was already past the time limit because of the fun we were having with the children. This was one experience that I would remember and I can't put it down to words because it was an experience that should be done for you to feel what it would be like.

* We had our community assembly last Tues. - where we had to present about the problems we have observed and surveyed in their community and find solutions for each. We were rushing because we only had 1 week to prepare. We had community meetings and all. Really rush because of less time. Guess what? I was one of the people who presented in front of a crowd of community representatives! Of all the people my CI picked me as one of the presentors, and to think that my speaking ability in Filipino is not for such BUT even if I was 'kinda' nervous, I just told myself that "I can do it!" At least I've said what I want them to know and made it through. (No one's perfect anyways, right?) We also had an intermission dance number and I was one of the dancers. That was the time I started to dance again. I think the last time was last year's U-Days. Anyways, over-all, it was tiring but at the same time a success! (Majority of the comments we had from our CIs were good. Less bad. Not bad for our first!)

* The same day of our community assembly, my parents were on their way here to Phil. and arrived safely by noon. Thank God!

It's been another tiring week. As usual - lots of quizzes, requirements to meet the deadline. Next week is gonna be another one again. We'll be being busy since Capping is soon - and that's next week! Exciting! And I'm happy that my parents came since Capping is just once in a lifetime. It would be sad if my parents weren't there to see me get capped and pinned (just like graduation.) :) I don't wanna that's all!

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