MSGE Review Week 3 - FPN

WHOA! It's been quite some time that I haven't been able to update my blog or anything else due to having a hectic schedule at school since I'm going to be graduating from college soon, and hopefully would be taking the upcoming June 2009 PNLE and no problems would occur by the time we graduate and apply at the PRC until the end of the PNLE. Aside from all that, our review of Fundamentals of Nursing (FPN), which comprises mostly of the basics of nursing, is done, and just in 2 days. Since we still have school on weekdays, we have our reviews every Sat. and Sun., yes, a Sunday. Where basically, no one usually have school or classes at that day. So, may God bless us though we are at school reviewing on Sundays. You know, even if we don't go to church on Sundays but have read the word of God and prayed, that would be enough to remember and praise the Lord and be blessed. Though it would be better to praise the Lord and be surrounded by believers as well. But whatever the situation is, everyday is like attending church, even if it takes reading one Bible verse a day. The church of God dwells in the hearts of those who have faith in Him.=) Oh, and this time, i'll try to make sure to update my blog from the past months I have missed. I have lots to tell but so limited through words. Anyway, that's when I get the time to.=) God bless everyone.