I found this website while I was searching through Google. I joined a few weeks ago. So I'm still in the process of earning points to redeem a prize that's why I don't have any proof yet. But if you're asking if it's scam, I don't think it is. Because I have seen proofs live from YouTube videos and some friends telling me they've got their prizes. I'm guessing this is legit stuff.

If you are wondering what Lockerz is, Lockerz is a website where you earn points (PTZ) in exchange for prizes.

What prizes you say? Prizes such as iMac, MacBook, iPod Touch/Nano/Shuffle, PSP Go, X360, Wii, Nintendo DSi, PS3, PayPal Cash, Amazon e-Gift Card, Lockerz Exclusives (T-Shirts, Thermos, Journal), PC/X360/Wii/PSP/DS Games, and many more!

This is the Redeem page, where you can select a category to see the prizes and how many PTZ is needed.

How to earn PTZ?
You can earn points by doing these:
1. *Log in daily to answer the question.
2. *Watch a video
3. Invite friends! The more, the better!

*This can only be done once per day.

How to be a Z-Lister?

Initially, you have to invite 20 friends. It doesn't end at 20 friends. 20 friends is only for you to obtain the Z-Lister status. You can invite as many friends as you want. After inviting 20 friends to Lockerz, you will become a Z-Lister! It's like being a VIP on Lockerz with exclusive access and benefits!

Here are the benefits of being a Z-Lister:
1. Free T-Shirt
2. Double PTZ
3. VIP Shopping

If you want to join, please feel free to e-mail me at I will make sure to e-mail you an invite as soon as possible. Let's all earn points and redeem things we like!