Blog Reopened!

How I have missed blogging. The feeling of blogging about random thoughts that pop in my head. I have been inactive here for a year now. But from that year 'til present, I am active on Twitter. Twitter is also a form of blogging, but instead of writing 300-500 words per post about your whole day, you are limited to 140 characters max. per post. From there, I suddenly felt like blogging again. It just came to mind today. Or maybe it is because I have too much free time on me for months that I thought of doing something to pass time. With this, I have been trying to get this post up for hours because I was having problems trying to compose a new post because the page wouldn't let me (or maybe it's because of browser incompatibility?). And finally, I found the solution myself - the updated posting option on the settings was selected! All I needed to do was change the option to old posting. A simple problem that took me hours to solve. It's a good thing I like searching for solutions. In a year that I have been inactive, Blogger has definitely changed. And this was one of the many new features of Blogger that I have yet to figure out.

This it it. Yes, after one year. My first blog for the year 2010.

My blog has been reopened! I'll be randomly posting. Stay tuned!=)