Fit & Healthy

It's sembreak as you all would know and one of my hobbies which I will be doing to not feel bored (believe it or not) is to exercise. I used to have abs back then when I was in AUH. And I'm missing it again. Now I have flabs again LoL. Would you believe I became fat here in Phil. (true of what they say 'cuz Phil. has lots of fatty foods!). I was just skinny back in AUH! Big difference! So exercise is one good thing to help me get back to shape at least. Not to mention it helps keep you fit & healthy, keeps the heart in shape, muscles & bones strong, lose WEIGHT. Diet & 8 hours of sleep are some of the other reasons to keep you fit and healthy BUT I guess I rarely do this haha. Since I'm not doing anything and I'm pretty much bored looking for something to do this break, I'm going back to have time for myself. Exercise is one and I'm determined to get my abs back soon and probably lose some weight. I did it before I can do it again haha. This will help increase my stamina when doing activities. (Really. See the athletes?) I'm gonna need that when we're back having our duties. Not to mention a heavy breakfast and some candy for revival of NPOs haha! I'm doing this for my own good. Well, school is obviously a stress. Sometimes you have no time for anything 'cuz you're bombarded with a lot of school work. Stress makes you eat more too you know. So yea, I've been exercising since sembreak started. Waking up in the morning to exercises, a few stretching, use of dumbbells or just jog around the estate, hopefully lose some weight can be enough. I don't need to go to a gym. Unless I want a personal trainer haha j/k Try it! It's fun!