N-308 Closing Party

N-308 Closing Party was held at Villa Alfredos Resort yesterday. This was a closing party for our section with some guests (our CIs). This usually happens by the end of the sem for us since we always get reshuffled. The party started at 1pm. More than half of the class went so that wasn't a bummer! We rented one villa room w/c had a small kitchen, bathroom, 2 queen sized bed, fridge, tv & radio & 1 cottage w/ a working videoke! I remember the last time I went to this resort our videoke was jammed LoL. Oh! And never leave out the food of course and the drinks haha! The food was great! Love those chilli-cheese spring rolls that Bliz cooked! HOT but YUMMY! And the palabok from Doc Manio! YUM! Siyempre let's not forget the grilled bbq & fish that we grilled LoL! Anyways, yea, it was fun! The payment was worth it! I was having second thoughts on attending the party or not 'cuz I wasn't sure if I'd have fun. Well I just did! I did have fun..really! Throwing water at people (hehe), swimming (not!), videoke singing, drinking, taking pictures, bonding with the rest of my classmates! The CIs where with us partying, too. Time flies so fast when you're having fun! I didn't notice that it was time for me to go home because of the fun and talks we had awhile ago..and I'm posting about it now. Good thing one of our classmate has a car and he was going back to A.C. since there was no trike at that time. Thanks for the lift! :S (I wish I could drive..soon! I can't wait!) I can see it in our faces that we all had a great time and that's all that matters! And I guess that this was the only time we had time for bonding as a whole section since we started being busy with duty and other requirements! It's been a long time! Oh yea, and except for the part where our CI told us about the grades of some sections..freaky :S But that didn't get in the way of us having fun! Anyways, sorry for our classmates who paid but didn't attend! You guys should've attended! You just wasted your money! I'll be posting some pics up in my multiply as soon as I transfer them to the comp. Since we'll be reshuffled next sem, hopefully SOME of us we'll be classmates again. If not, I'll be seeing you guys around! Gonna miss you guys! :)

So now that the fun's over, next up is getting of grades. Pray guys! That's the best thing to do! Happy Sembreak to y'all once again! Have fun! God bless us all!