Sembreak officially starts today!
Deliberation na guys! Then getting of grades! Chill! Kaya yan! Don't lose hope. :)

To the others: I'm back! I'm just gonna chill for now and do other stuffs..taking some time off to not think about school and other things that bugs me! Wohoo!

It's been a long time since I've posted in my blog, it's been a long time since I've chatted..It's been a long time since I've went online! It's been a long time since anything! With many thoughts on my mind..for the past few days I have to keep my mind on focus. Finals can be a pain in the head sometimes with all the requirements to be met before the deadline! And imagine the academics. Really feels like you can't hold them in your brain no more with all the new infos! Hay..You're not even sure if you'll pass or not. I guess that's the suspense of it all! Besides,I did my part and hopefully this won't be the end. :) Another sem has finished, I've learned a lot! Esp. on duties since we get to relate to what the Profs. teach us in school. No problem there. It's more on actual w/c makes it more fun than just sitting in the classroom for like 3-4hrs listening to the Prof. At least. They did a great job though! It's like the more you learn, the little you know. True! Life can be tough at times. That's the adventure of it. We have to learn from our mistakes, too. Sometimes I regret not doing my best in HS, but here I am, still surviving. Thankful to still be here! I don't wanna talk about myself much these days. Life can be messed up at times. But I'm ok now. Like I said, I gotta chill. It's sembreak! Happy sembreak y'all! <3