another sem.

Sembreak has gone by so fast! It just felt like I had 1 week of vacation lol. At least I got time to relax! You know how it is! So..another sem has passed. 2nd sem starts tomorrow & I can already feel the pressure of school in me. I guess it's normal for students to feel that way since our knowledge increases per level, having major requirements in due time again too are already to be expected. It feels like the more you learn, the less you know. Take for example an instruction manual, you need to read it before using something new. But nowadays, people rarely read them unless they really have a problem. People just seem to find how it works out by trying stuff. True right? Lots of things I still don't know. Not only in school..anywhere! Life in general I may say. It's pretty hard to predict what's gonna happen next. Everyone pretty much heard this quote a billion times, "Try & try until you succeed." It's pretty much self-explanatory. I must strive harder! Have faith & guidance in Him and not be downed by my pessimistic side. People think I study all the time and have zero fun..Love life too? C'mon! The hell with rumors! If you guys only knew me! Anyways, I still have my goals to reach. And one of them is to finish college. I know I can if I can just focus! Just exert a little more..and I'm almost there.

Let this hopefully be another one of those fun & experiencial semesters of my college years!