Pacman wins!

The Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao-Erik "El Terrible" Morales Finale was scheduled last November 18 at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas. Pacman vs. El Terrible 3: The Thrist For Revenge..?! It doesn't look like it. Morales wanted to have a rematch because he stated once that he can beat Pacman. But the night of the Finale, Pacman was declared the champion after knocking down Morales with 12secs. left at the 3rd round. Weird huh?! Well, from my point of view, I'd think that Morales obviously seemed weak in trying to balance himself a lil longer than usual..good punches though..But I wonder why he made this match easy(?) for Pacman. But he took the game pretty well. A lil shocked at the last knock down though. I feel sad for Morales though. It’s hard to think of being defeated. But the fight ended..too fast! Was it just luck or did Morales give up just that easily?! Geez..3 rounds and that's it. He was the one who was bragging too much about beating Pacman and reaching round 12 with him in the ring. I actually am not into watching boxing. There was this one anime cartoon Hajime no Ippo w/c made me interested in it. I learned a lot from that anime :D

You know what sucks? While me and my bro were watching the match on TV w/c was already at the 2nd round..since it was a commercial break, he was looking for his cell, once he found it, he saw that he had 1 msg received. The msg was from our aunt and it said that our aunt from US texted her and told her that Pacman won on the 3rd round by a a knock out! Then the msg went through me! Somehow I got disappointed! It made watching not that much of a thrill anymore since we knew what to expect at the next round! I wish he hadn't told me! We had to watch the next replay in another channel just to feel the fight LoL. *sigh* It wasn't an easy(?) fight but it ended too fast. I still didn't feel the adrenaline in the fight. Nevertheless, another victory for the Filipinos! Congrats Pacman! It was the talk of the town..soon to be talking about Pacman who might be running for vice-mayor?! Just don't brag too much! :s [Note: I’m just pointing out my view!]

* youtube video from shiloh2