here we go!

Orientation Week! The first week of a new semester has ended so fast. Anyways, here's a re-cap:
11/7 - First day of a new semester for us. I could see some students got transferred to our section since, sad to say, a number of students didn't make it. They had to! To make all sections balanced. So I can see some new faces. We had our orientation in NCM102 this day. New instructor! :) We'll be learning the continuation of our MS, then onto Psychiatry! Hoping to learn a lot more! That's surely to be expected w/ the rest of its sub-branches :P

11/8 - Another orientation that we was about RLE duties. As usual, they orient/remind us over and over again about the policies since some other students still do not follow. Aside from that, we'll be exposed to special areas this whole semester. Unlike last sem, we were only exposed in the DR (except for our group - we had the advantage of being exposed to the OR earlier ^-^). We also have our hospital rotation schedules posted already at the bulletin for the whole semester. We also met our new CI for our 1st rotation, w/c we will be at Porac (OR).

11/9 - One orientation after another to attend, but this time we were given a brief introduction about special areas, specifically about OR. We were also oriented on the different OR techniques, principles, etc.

11/10 - So this is today...yesterday since it's already AM. We had our orientation on another subject. This time it's about our subject Research. This subject as oriented was going to help us in our research, thesis, grammar...and so on! Afternoon came and on our 2nd subject, we already started a new lesson already. Chapter I mean! In 4 hours we got to finish 1 Whole Chapter! And by next meeting we'll be having our 1st quiz! Talk about racing against time lol

* * *

The special areas & the defense will surely help me improve my self-confidence. I actually have improved! If you knew me for a very long time, you'd notice that I was a shy type of person. Now..well..I'd say I've improved. Even in my tagalog &...kapampangan (NOT really hehe).?! I guess I'll let you guys be the judge of the mentioned. :) Hay..freaky! Because some doctors who love joking around (for example, hiding instruments or os to check if you're present) can make u nervous & lose focus. Unless you have the presence of mind. For DR..the baby and mother of course! Either way, BOTH can be freaky sometimes!

Next week will be the start of regular classes for us college students. Like I said in my previous entry, I'm not expecting anything 'cuz a student already knows what to expect..over and over again it's being expected. 2nd sem. Back to being BUSY. Let the adventure begin! Here we go! God bless! ^-^

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