Archie #587-591 - Freshman Year

Archie Fans like me, here is another one of those series of Archie Comics - Archie: Freshman Year, Issues #587-591. Archie and the rest of the gang blast to the past, back to their High School days.

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"The Summer Before": Travel back in time with this five-issue tale that takes Archie and his friends back to their very first year in high school. It all starts with this poignant prologue which finds the gang wondering just what that first year will be like, while reflecting fondly on the past as well. Along the way, the gang must deal with the pending departure of one of their closest friends, as well as their bickering parents. And while the kids count the days until they enter their new school home, someone else is joining Riverdale High, too: Principal Waldo Weatherbee!

The first full-length issue of the "Freshman Year" saga finds Archie and his friends just starting the fall semester. Having survived a summer that saw the departure of Jughead and bickering parents, the gang arrives at high school... to find elementary school Principal Mr. Weatherbee has now become the high school Principal! But it's not just about reunions at Riverdale High. Archie also makes a new friend in Pencilneck G., although he prefers his more laid-back buddy Jughead. He also makes some new enemies in Jared McGerk and his band of bullies! Along the way the other classic faculty members are introduced, as well as Pop Tate and his Choklit Shop!

"Freshman Year: Winter Term": The third full-length issue of the "Freshman Year" saga finds Archie reflecting on the term just past, pining over Veronica and lamenting how she went away during the holiday break. Hoping to stay close to Veronica, Archie joins the drama club - the perfect indoor activity during the frosty winter months. But being part of such a large club is hardly the way to gain exclusive quality time with Veronica. Will their reunion be everything Archie hopes, or will the eternal love triangle get off to a rollicking start with friction between Betty and Veronica instead? And will Moose ever be introduced to Midge? Other surprises in store for the gang this second term include some new faculty members as well as the departure of the expelled school bully, Jared McGerk.

The first year of high school has been an eventful one for Archie and his friends, and it's all leading towards a whirlwind finale! But the teens still have some time to go yet. In this latest installment, they are evaluated by their teachers who report their progress to their folks on "parent-teacher" night. How will they fare once their parents learn how they're doing? Meanwhile, in social life, love triangles abound, and so do pranks - some playful, some nasty. But none nastier than the bikers who have been bedeviling the town. All this, plus a surprise or two!

"Freshman Year: Spring Term": As the first year of high school winds down, the teens anticipate the summer break but not before having a "Spring Formal" to send off the school year. But a few uninvited guests have crashed the dance an unwelcome band of bikers who have an axe to grind with the school, especially a freshman named Archie! Who are they and what is their problem? Plus, the spy in Riverdale is finally revealed. Will Mr. Weatherbee prevail?

Enjoy Archie fans!

**Credits to Archie Comics for the Plot Summaries.