Want to download Archie Comics on my blog but can't find the download link?

I have some readers asking me on how they will be able to download issues of Archie comics that I have posted about in this blog. Because unlike other people who you would see a link that you could instantly click on, you would only see the image of the Archie issues and its plot summaries on my blog. I have stated notes with two asterix (**) prefixed before the note (which are in bold text). You would not miss it because I put the notes before the issues. It reads this, along with instructions after having downloaded the issue:

**Click on the image of the issue you want below to go to the page to start the download.

**After downloading, you will notice that the file doesn't have the WinRar icon. That's because there are underscores added before and after the filename. It wasn't like that when I uploaded it to my SkyDrive. Anyway, it's easy to solve that. All you have to do is to rename the file and remove the underscores before and after the filename. You will notice the file icon will turn into the WinRar icon after having renamed the file. Double-click the file, then extract. As simple as that!

Excited to download right away? That's fine with me. But readers, please take time to read first before asking questions.
That would be much appreciated. Thank you!