good day..?!

It felt like a good day for me even though my sister left back for AUH just this afternoon [I'll be seeing her and my parents this Dec. so no probs there :)]..and the weather was so freakin' hot today! Well, we just had our return demo in IV insertion today and I got it in one shot! My partner did it in one shot to me, too! What a feeling! Now I know how the patient's feeling if we do that to them. I WAS a virgin 'til NOW (I'm talking about my veins being inserted or pricked by needle [IV insertion and Blood extraction!) The blood extraction didn't hurt, I didn't even feel a thing when my partner did it to me! BUT the IV insertion..freakin' hurts! Not as much as ID though. ID do hurts big time esp. since they use distilled water instead of PNSS (my experience here was painful! Right, Yey?! It made me have tears in my eyes LoL!) Some people got used to it because of reasons for hospitalization. But they still feel the pain! They just got used to controlling it somehoe :S It's for a good cause though, we get additional incentives on our Pharma! Sweetness!
I also went for the volleyball try-outs for our nursing days..and I made it in! I was suppose to audition for the dance competition though but I was late 'cuz I didn't get the exact date of the audition. I was also supposed to sign-up for the Syringe Challenge with a few of my friends but I didn't get to see them for 2 days 'cuz of our busy sched. and there were 8 slots left when I last saw the poster. I'm not sure if we can catch up with that. That's aight! There's always next time. I got in the dance in my college freshman year, and I made it in the volleyball team this year! Good day huh! Win or Lose, it's just a game..having fun is all that matters?! Crap! Nursing Days' coming up! And we, the Juniors are representing the color Blue this year! I forgot the team name. Over-all: Good Day except for my sis who just left.. Whatever! Peace!