midterm's over. now comes finals.

We just had our midterm exams last Sat. & Sun. because once again, our exams are departmentalized. What about the exam? Well..kinda hard! Really! Memorization but it's more on analysis and interpretation. That went well..I hope! Today is our rest day. It's actually another one of those holidays today, this one is called Ninoy Aquino's Day..did I get it right?! It's also my sister's bday today! Happy Bday Sis! Like we didn't just go out awhile ago to do some "shopping" for your bday LoL. I can't wait 'til night and celebrate! Let's get krunk haha j/k

Well, it's another day tomorrow w/c starts off our finals..then comes sembreak! Hopefully I'm still in. I know it gets tougher, but I know I can do it hehe We'll be having our regular duties again by tomorrow. Expecting to be busy with a lot of requirements again. I'll be posting soon as I'm not busy! Later!

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