sorry! been busy.

Peepz! Sorry I haven't been updating my blog that much for a long time. I've been busy with school, so sorry about that. I wanted to blog about what I've been doing these past few days a long time ago but I just felt lazy to. Maybe it's because I was tired from duty and with a lot of requirements to be passed before the deadline date. Y'all know how it's like in college right? Well, most of you guys do! Before my busy time with school starts, while not much requirements are being given YET, let me update you guys with what I've been doing the past few days:

* After our Community Duty, we had our duty in JBLMRH at San Fernando, Pampanga for the past few weeks. The group that I'm in was assigned to the Medical Ward. It was an experience. Really! Government hospitals are totally diff. from Private one's. Makes me scared sometimes on who my patient is gonna be for that each patient I'll be handling. It's people we're handling..those are lives! Who wouldn't feel at least a lil bit scared inside right? 'Coz you'll never know what will happen next.

* We had our Case Study Presentation and OD in the hospital, this day was also the last day of our rotation in JBL (w/c is one of the requirements needed for every hospital rotation) last week. Our presentation went ok. Only a few mistakes were made and that's a good thing. I always remember in my mind what every CI tells us, "Anatomy and Physiology & Pathophysiology are the heart of every Case Study. Without it, there would be no proof to defending the disease condition of the said case study." I would never forget that line. And as time goes by we would always remember that line and tell ourselves that we can do it, though it kinda is hard. You know, with connecting everything you've learned about almost everything actually LoL! A little getting used to will do it, hopefully hehe. We also had some comments from our CI after presenting, good and bad..It's all good!

* After our presentation, before dismissing us, we had a little socialization/open forum. Everything went alright. Every question was answered and no hard feelings were kept inside (right?! haha j/k).

* What our group will be missing in JBL (this sem hehe):
- Face Mask & Gloves
- smell of the Med. Ward ^-^
- NPO haha!
- sweet corn
- Food Haus
- Mike Enriquez & Sister... (ahihi!)
- last day of JBL rotation (bonding time!)
- lastly, our CI, where we've learned so much! (as well as the other CIs of course hehe)

* Sad to say we have no remembrance of our duty in JBL, or even at least a picture in the hospital or w/ the CI! (That's ok..I guess ahehe)

* Oh and in our Pharmacology class, we learned how to extract blood and the whole class had the chance to return demo on our chosen partner (siyempre may incentives hehe) Fun! I got it in one shot haha :P Finals we'll be learning & having our return demo in IV Insertion! Can't wait! Incentives again hehe!

I guess that's all I can think of..for now ahihi!

So..As of today, we started our hospital rotation in AMC here in Angeles City, Pampanga and our group was mainly assigned to the Pediatric Ward. Since it's a private hospital, only a few patients are being admitted (you know, financially speaking too) so we get to duty too in the executive. Hopefully we get to experience having our duty in the ER and Hemodialysis room, too. That would be cool! I'm sure there'll be lots of experiences and unexpected stuff that lies ahead of always!

Is this long enough already?! Sorry again to the other peepz! As I've said, I've been busy lately. Soon to be busy again! LoL! At least I've made up for the past few weeks that I haven't been updating my blog. It's kinda long huh. Well, have fun reading this! 'Til my next post! Ciao!