sister will be back! no tears! -..and other stuff.

My sister will be leaving back to AUH tomorrow. Time flies so fast! It feels like just a month she's been here (w/c actually is already 3 months!), and now she'll be going back. No tears for me 'cuz I know that she'll be coming back by Dec. to take the college entrance exam. I can't believe that she's gonna be college already by next year and me...well, hopefully graduating :)

What else has been up with me this week?
* Me and My Sis have been hanging out, going places to make her vacation "memorable". I guess the best was the day of my sis' bday! ;)
* We've been having our duty at AMC mainly at Pedia ward, if less pts., we might be handling also at the suite/executive ward.
* Tomorrow we'll be in school having a lil discussion and our return demo in IV insertion! I'm excited! They say inserting the needle hurts more than of ID! Hope I make it in one shot..It's all in the mind ahihi ^-^
* By next week will be our case study presentation and OD and our last week of rotation at AMC..Balitucan here we come hehe

It's good that we got used to being bombarded w/ a lot of requirements?! hehe! Now that's what we call "survival" baby! Before-we get to overnight; Now-we just get to do it for like 1-2 days max! Improvement huh ;) *Sigh* This is it. Finals..lots of requirements still up ahead! I still need to exert more effort in studying! I'm almost there! I know I CAN! I won't let anything get in the way of me reaching my goal! Motivation's UP! :)

Safe flight to my sis for tomorrow. At least I get to see sis before my she leaves! That's all for now!

* Happy Bday to Jing!

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