DR / OR experience.

Yesterday we got oriented in the DR & OR at Magalang. In the DR, we observed on what our role is by watching one of the schools do it. Looks bloody though..actually it depends hehe. And in the OR, we just reviewed on the basic things to know before and after a case. Let's focus in the DR 'cuz no one handled any case(s) yet in the OR. We had two cases today at the DR. The first actual was by Penny! Just by watching her made me more excited to be my turn. She also did one minor! Nice one! After the first case, then came break time, all of the other group members and the school that shared with us today went to have their break while me, our CI, and other 2 of our group members just chilled in the DR since we ate ahead of them. I was next on the line to be the actual. I was thinking about me doing it tomorrow. Our CI told us she'll be back in a sec. Then suddenly the midwife came in telling us to get ready 'cuz one is about to give birth! Since the other school was suppose to have that case but wasn't there, the midwife told us to do it. Unahan talaga yan! I called our CI to tell that there was a case and told me to get ready. I lost track of my nervousness and acted professional as can be..of course with the assistance of the midwife since it was my first time..and my first case! Excited as I am, I wore my gloves and got ready. In a few mins. the baby was born. As healthy as can be! Baby Boy! So cute hehe. I also did suturing so there. I got an actual and did a minor. A minor w/c will be raffled by the group. No need to explain that. So there. Unexpected deliveries huh? You can never tell time. Really unexpected. And if there's an open spot, take the opportunity. And since I was the next after Penny (which I wasn't expecting to have a case 'til tomorrow), well..I'm proud of myself for doing a job well done! The midwife also gave me good comments. That made me smile! Nothing went wrong. And hopefully the other cases that I'll handle too. God's so good! He's so intelligent to think of something like that. A baby being born, now that's a blessing! As they say "It's worth the pain".

The feedback that we get from the OR, they say it's "astig". OR's ayt..can depend on the bloodiness of the procedure hehe..very sterile and should be! I would remember 2 words when we are in the OR, "Be Snappy"..get it? :) One of the school we're sharing cases with is pretty friendly, too. Unlike some schools LoL So..that's it! Another one of my "First Experiences" to remember..and many more to come! We also got to observe CS & BTL awhile ago.
And in the DR & OR, it doesn't matter if you're left-handed or right-handed. 'Cuz if the team is too busy, they tend to use neither of the two hands. True! But it's good they still focus more on the right-handed one's 'cuz left-handed one's are rare and pretty difficult when doing procedures I guess in some cases. Well, I'm more on the right 'cuz obviously I'm right-handed so no probs for me there LoL