It's already the last month of the year and soon to be a new year again! Sorry for repeating myself but really..time flies so fast! It just feels like I was just starting college one day and here I am..hopefully..soon to graduate after 2 more years! Whoa huh! So anyways, it's already December. I don't know why, but I still can't feel the Christmas spirit in me. Usually, I would feel it by will soon be felt. Maybe it's because I'm pretty much preoccupied with a lot of school work these past few days..and more to come. If I would have some free time available, I'd either try to forget about school, try to occupy myself with things to do..but then, somehow I'd go back to doing school work by the end of the day. Some people think I have no time for fun since my replies pertain to being 'pretty much busy with school.' I try to have fun once in a while, we all would. Life would suck when everyone's too dead serious.

Aside from school, my parents & sister arrived here 3 days ago. Of course me & bro were excited to see them..not to forget the souvenirs they bring us! Yay! Peace! ^-^ These past few days I've wanted to blog about stuff but then my tiredness overcomes my eagerness to blog. In the end I'd blog about nothing. I'm lucky enough to post today haha.