It's 2007!

Ah's 2007! It's been one heck of a year that 2006! And so begins a new year! A fresh start on everything again! A new chapter added to our lives! And I've got God to thank for everything that's happened and will happen in the future..who knows :) Every year, people would usually make their new year's resolution. This year, I didn't make one 'cuz I still have some resolutions back then w/c haven't been resolved yet. I'll TRY to resolve those first.. :s (just like what I posted from my previous post - read the survey :) ) Christmas break ends today and schools gonna be resuming tomorrow..gonna be pretty much busy again with never ends haha

Anyways, I've uploaded 2 albums in my multiply. The 1st one's after Christmas, and the 2nd one's on New Year's Eve :) I'll try to update my blog once in awhile since school's gonna resume tomorrow. God bless everyone!