JBLMRH - Surgery..onto the next!

This was a start of a new year when classes resumed from Christmas Break! Anyways, 2 days ago was our last duty at JBLMRH in San Fernando for this sem. Last sem we were assigned to the Medicine Ward, but this time..Surgery Ward. So, Surgery Ward..non-stop vital signs taking, change dressing, administering of meds as ordered. This is the only ward we have this sem and all are special areas. Cool! ^-^ Duty is not really that can be toxic if you think it would be..I guess what makes it toxic are some selected factors - one of them to be the patient..because of the drugs they have been prescribed to (ex. the more the drugs, the more toxic..right?)..and that's just 1 patient I'm pertaining to. But I never had a so-called 'toxic' patient yet :S I know..not really toxic now. We are still in training to be efficient and professional in our profession of choice. The instructors would usually grade us with the 3 elements involved I guess Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude. But I still wonder if some CIs are good enough to impart their KS to us willing to learn. And the grades they give us..was it merely a guess?! Now would I compare..forget it! There's no use! If that's the way they want it, then that's it. What more if we were in the real world. We wouldn't be graded by instructors but be evaluated by officials superior than us in profession in the near future, right? Now that's somewhat scary to think that no one's perfect and who knows what's gonna happen next..*sigh* With those thoughts to ponder on still far away, I'd stick to what I have seen/experienced previously and recently. I've learned a lot from this rotation..from every rotation I mean. Thanks to the CIs..and for taking good care of us hehe

Another rotation has yet ended. We'll be starting our duty at AMC, here in A.C. this coming Monday..our group being assigned to the OR/DR. Oh and we are starting our Thesis Proposal..Here we go! :)