the sore throat :(

I woke up today in the morning, feeling something wrong. And what would you know..I have a sore throat! :( Maybe because of the on-off climate here. One minute it's cold, the other minute it's hot. .and just a while ago it showered rain for less than 5mins. if I may estimate. *sigh* As mild as a sore throat is, it pretty much made my day miserable since I had the urgency to cough every time my throat feels something irritating, inflicting my throat with pain, which, is manageable in some way..and unfortunately, or should I say luckily, today was a school day so I only had less time to rest..what more if I landed with the sore throat on a duty day. More work, less time. Your whole being can decrease with one problem. My friends would know something's wrong with me when I start to become quiet. Either it be any problem. What I did today was just less talk. I obviously can't talk much cuz I don't wanna lose my voice just because of a sore throat! It would make me ponder on the role of nurses. Even if you are sick, you still need to work just to make others get better soon. But when it comes to yourself, you need the motivation to figure a plan B. Hopefully, I need to get well soon because by Monday starts duty. And I don't wanna do sign language j/k It's a good thing I have 2 days off before a new week starts. I have no idea why I posted this lol. Ok! I am so not in the mood right now *cough* :( I'm off!