Hanging out @ SM Clark..

Today, me and two of my friends went to SM Clark. No reason. We just wanted to hang out before school starts. Because school is going to start on June 5. And that's fo real! Anyways, the hang-out today actually wasn't planned (as always..). When we reached SM Clark, we thought of eating first since we didn't eat our lunch (and breakfast) yet. We ate at Kenny Rogers. Actually we wanted to eat at a different place. The only problem was that all the other places were full and got no vacant seats. So we roamed around and saw only a few people eating at Kenny Rogers. We had no choice but to eat there even if it was kinda expensive. At least I felt my stomach can't take no more. Then we watched "Manay Po" in the cinema. My friend treated us in the cinema (except for the snacks. It's up to us on the snacks. Because our appetite was so...ya know hehe ^-^). Me & one of my friend wanted to watch another movie showing but our friend treated us, so we just thought, 'why not give chances to the birthday boy!' ;) We had like one hour to go before the movie starts, so we just thought of buying our snacks and having a little videoke session (of course! In the private room haha!) for at least before the movie starts.

The movie turned out to be okay. It made me laugh somehow. it kinda reminded me of the movie 'Brokeback Mountain', but in a Filipino version haha! John Prats made it look like acting gay was so easy hehe! Funny! Okay, after the movie, we went out and heard people were screaming and shouting. Guess why? It's because Dennis Trillo of GMA7 was in SM Clark! He looks so white compared to seeing/watching him on TV. He kinda has the looks ^-^ BTW: I got no pics of Dennis Trillo. There was just a lot of people in the way so forget it. People just annoys me when it's crowded and they just bump into you like there's no one in front/back of you. Don't you just hate people like them? Because I do! Either I just want to push them back or say, 'Hey watch it! Can't you see where you're walking!' But can't. I'm a good girl. Ow? Haha Anyways, you guys know how he looks like..

After that, we kinda just walked around SM Clark once again before we all part our ways to go back to our home sweet home. Yea before getting on a jeepney to part ways for another day almost ending, we went walking all the way to Balikbayan Park and just did nothing but talk - this reminded me of me and my besty/barkada back when I was still in AUH. Aw..makes me miss them..!

Well, at least we all had fun awhile ago! Even though our feet kinda got tired from all the walking we did..hope I don't get cramps hehe.

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