Unforgettable Memories..

As I reminisce my past, good and bad. Some I regret while some I treasure. Still inside of me the memories that I want to forget. Enough of the bad memories!

Ah! Good times! My life in Abu Dhabi was one of my unforgettable memories..ever! This is where I was born and raised all my life! This is where I had all my first that I could remember - first birthday..first everything! (Well not all. I still got a lot ahead of me hehe ^-^) Oh yeah! Happy to have my first friends in Abu Dhabi but sad to say everyone took their own paths after H.S. I'm missing my H.S. classmates and my Besties! Some I have know my whole life! Believable huh. So anyways, why'd I post this? Well to explain it, when we get bored or do nothing, we tend to think about things. So I, on the other hand have no idea why I always think of those memories. Maybe it's because of the moments? The fun? Memories? Of course! Duh! It's like we have known each other for so long now! And it keeps repeating in my head over and over again like rewinds. Even if they didn't know, I treat them as family, like brothers and sisters. If I would write down everything about my H.S. classmates and Besties, I could! It's really a great feeling! Best H.S. Batch ever and I wouldn't replace it. Besties, you guys are the best! I'm so lucky to have you guys. But I still wonder why all my best friends who are girls don't last longer like you guys?! Oh well..At least I've still got you guys! *sigh* Now everyone's apart from each other, well, some still see each other. The thing is, it's been more than a year being apart and still the bond is there. And hoping it never breaks. Reunions are planned but some couldn't make it (and I'm one of them - for a good reason though!) What can I do about memories to be unforgotten? I would treasure every moment that I had with them. God bless to all of us and see y'all in the future! Aw..enough with the mushy stuff! See I have a lot to tell about my life in Abu Dhabi! But I wouldn't want to make it longer for you guys to be bored on. My life, really can't be put down to words. So here ends another one of my posts!

some H.S. classmates reunited last Summer 2005 at Rocky's Cafe, Dubai


Miss You Guys! more pics? click here!

* I had a hard time finding pics of our hang-out spots. But I got some videos from my besty when he came here to check it out.