SM Clark

Last May 15, 2006, the last day of our summer classes and we had the hardest exam in NCM100. Okay anyways, to keep ourselves stressed out, Dobz invited me to go with him after our exams to treat ourselves for finishing summer classes at the newly opened SM Clark here in Pampanga. It's a one trip ride if you take the CheckPoint-Balibago jeepney and you stop at Balikbayan Park and walk a little to reach the overpass, the only problem is on the way there it's traffic. We arrived there and dang it was big! You have to walk an overpass to reach there. When I entered SM Clark, it kind of reminded me about a mix of SM Baguio and Marina Mall hehe. Oh yeah we ate in Kenny Rogers and just roaming around wasting our time before the movie we wanted to watch starts, and that movie is 'Silent Hill'. (Note: I am not a horror freak! Dobz made me watch huhu!) Anyways, we saw a Gummy Bear Mascot and for trips, we took a picture with Gummy Bear. Gummy Bear's sooo cute! Look at him at this pic hehe ^-^ oh yeah, by the time we were about to go home, it kind of rained. Aww..but at least we had fun though it rained and our feet ached because of all the walking around we did! Ciao! <3

Me, Joy and Dobz with Gummy Bear at SM Clark.