My 1st Blog Entry

Oh hey! I'm a Blogger Newbie! (Actually i had this account for how long now. I just thought of using it again. Makes sense?) Finally I had the time LoL.

Okay. Two months ago, looking for a blog website aside from friendster, I went to google to search for an interesting blog site that I can use and out of curiosity, I saw "", reading the caption below that website, I was curious to see what this site would intend to have to make people interested with it. I checked it out and hmm.,it looks okay, the usual blog sites that people would like to have to share their journals in public, am I right? It took me almost 2 weeks to come up with the decision to try this site out. And now, newly registered (because I feel like a newbie since I didn't use this for a long time), am now considered as one of the million Bloggers! Yehey! I'm still getting a hang of it though.

As you can see, I really am not much of a writer. I am more of a reader actually. I'd like to try improving my skills in writing that's why I tried out this new blog site even if I saw lots of these already. Anyways, writing a blog is like writing stuff that just pops out of your mind and you just start typing it all down. I guess that's how I see it. Memories? Maybe..Writing is important in ways of helping us in reports, essays, oh yeah -especially at the professional section. Why do I say so? It's because, the way you write may help you climb your way up to promotion in terms of writing good reports or proposals. Even in school writing is useful -writing essays, doing thesis, case studies, would be satisfying to have a high grade on that. Agreeable statements, right? Crap! This is reminding me of one of my subjects when I was in 2nd year college, 2nd semester. The subject was called TechWri (Technical Writing) haha! :S Didn't pay attention that much, but I got a high grade! Coincidence? Haha ^-^

Uhmm..Going to start my 3rd year in college and I still feel like that my writing skills need to be improved, as well as my handwriting since people say it looks like one of those comic thingy (haha Laugh on that! at least it's cute :P ). As a fact, we tend to forget things we can study. Sometimes after my class is over, some of the things I've learned comes out the other ear, as they say. I regret the times that I don't do my best in school, it makes me feel like I just wasted my time and parents' money. Don't you feel the same way as I do sometimes? But they just tend to say, "I know you did your best. I'm proud of you." Hold on a sec! How'd my topic in writing lead to schoolworks?! Ok going back..

..With not much left to say, I'm proud of myself for making my 1st blog entry for the first time in my busy life, not knowing that I have already typed 3-4 paragraphs. Now that's a start ^-^ With the pressure I'm feeling in school with all the schoolworks and hospital duties, I'm surprised to see myself having time for different things. Now that's what I call balance! What an accomplishment! Not much people can balance stuff like that. Well, I guess my mind feels more relaxed now (Duh! It's vacation - what's to expect?! LoL). So, here ends my 1st blog entry. Whew! Now that's the feeling of getting stuff our of your chest! Does it relate?! Anyways, I hope you guys liked my first blog entry. 'Til here!