hemo was fun!

While I was reading some of my past entries here, I noticed that I didn't mention about my experience in the Hemodialysis Unit back at our AMC rotation. Now that I remembered, I'll mention it now LoL. Me & 5 other group members volunteered to have our rotation at the Hemo Unit last Sept. 4 :) We were oriented by the nurse on duty there. Then we were given an exercise by one of the nurses. Now we got shocked 'cuz we weren't expecting that. Our results turned out quite well though. Whew! After the exercise, we had a little discussion about the kidneys since that is what they major in. Duh! That's why it's called a Hemodialysis Unit! :S They were so good in explaining! Nakakabilib talaga sila! Their 6 months of majoring in dialysis really paid off! By the end of the day, we were oriented, taught of what the role of the nurse is in a Hemo Unit, learned a lot of things about being a Hemodialysis Unit Nurse, gained a lot of information about the kidney & other stuff hehe and met friendly staff nurses and doctor! It was a fun and intellectual well as the previous nursing roles that we did of course such as Pedia, Med, and currently OB! Hemo was like once that's why I posted it ayt! By Mon. we'll be in the OR & DR courtesy at Magalang! Excitement! Can't wait to handle cases! ^-^