nursing days.

It was a tiring BUT fun 3 days since we, the nursing students got the time off from school works for at least a few days. I joined the volleyball team w/c didn't turn out well for us 3rd yrs, at least we, 3rd yrs won over-all champion this year! Go Blue Jaguars haha I posted some pics in my mulitply if u wanna check 'em out. To sum up the 3 days:

9/11 - AM-Noon:There was the motorcade, parade of colors, opening. SportsFest. This is the year where all the year levels of nursing has been completed! :) PM: Kuya Marlon sang "Amazing Grace" Wow! I never knew he could sing like that! There was also the introduction of Mr.&Ms.Nursing '06. The best part: Dance Competition. We got 2nd place, that's ok :)

9/12 - Continuation of SportsFest. Me & some friends were supposed to go swimming today. Unfortunately, the place where we'll be swimming closed early! Such luck huh! Another plan gone wrong. At least we got to do some bonding before school works start filling our sched. We got to grill chicken. That was some tasty chicken for dinner. Before ending the day, we all took a quick shower cuz we don't wanna go to school smelling all grilled LoL We went to school almost 8pm already cuz we know that it's always Filipino time. And that's what I hate about people here! They can't seem to come on time! Can be irritating! Geez! Anyways, it was Battle of the Acoustic Bands & the continuation of Mr.&Mrs.Nursing today. Congrats to Queenz and the rest of the band for winning again this year! The time we reached school, the show just started..And we watched 'til they announced the Final 4. 3 of the 3rd yrs went in!

9/13 - We had our last game of volleyball. We lost..but that's ok. Fair play I guess?! I didn't attend the acquaintance party since I didn't buy a ticket. Besides, I'm sure only a few went because we had duty the next day. We won over-all champion this year! Congrats!