just weeks away.

Right after our nursing days, we had our duty, orientation to be exact. That's why I didn't get to attend our acquaintance party, well..most of us..because we get to wake up early the next day. Besides, I started to get the colds..then the cough! 'Til now! Sucks big time esp. when it's our duty! I don't wanna be absent just because of some freakin' colds! It's not worth the make-up duty! So..anyways, our AMC rotation ended last week. This week we'll be starting our rotation in Balitucan District Hospital, Magalang. We only had a 3min. tour! It's only a 25 bed capacity hospital. Small but packed with patients! And there are like 5-6 affiliated schools having their rotation there including us! We'll be focusing in the OB Ward and by the last 2 weeks of our rotation there, in the DR. Can't wait hehe! I feel a lot better now though I still cough at times hehe

*Sigh* Having colds&cough in an unexpected day, Deadlines to meet, Case Study Defense, Teaching Return Demo, Final exams..a lot to do! And finals is just weeks away, ending another semester. Kaya natin 'to! Konting tiis na lang guys! We'll make it through!