what's the difference?!

No hard feelings to people who'll get offended by what I'll be posting today ok. I'm just showing my point of view. Phil. have diff. kinds of sim cards right? They've got Smart, Globe, TM..and their latest Sun Cellular. Why'd I mention those? It's because most of the people these days use more than 2 sims. Even better, they use all the diff. kinds of sims! Geez! What are you gonna do with all those? I dunno what's happening! It's like they can't stick to one sim! Instead of wanting to get the person's number, it's better to say 'nevermind' cuz they'll ask u back with "what's ur sim? cuz I use diff. sims." Then what? You'll get all their numbers and by the time you wanna ask somethng important, you have to either text/call every number they gave you! Then when you only have one sim and it's diff. from most of your friends. This happened to me, and it really made me irritated with people like them! Just for a 1 peso text to reply to diff. networks they can't do! But to register for unlimited they can which cost from 15, 25, 50, 60. Compare a 1 peso to that. It's so unreasonable to tell that they have no EXTRA load to reply to you because you're a user of a diff. sim and they're registered in unlimited text. It's COMMON SENSE to have extra load! Duh! That's how you got registered to unlimited right? Very stupid reason! Esp. when you text them something very important and they should reply ASAP. Then the next day you'd them at school they'd always give you that same reason. Then they'd tell you to change your sim so that they can text you! Do you always have to be unlimited with the same sim to text specifically?! What is that? So for example, if you're a globe user, then the only people you'd text are globe users? What about your friends who are smart, TM or sun users?! WTF! So it's like this..Ok..I'm not against the diff. sims! It's just that it doesn't hurt to reply to a diff. network right? There's no harm texting to diff. networks..1 Peso text. My point is so clear that I don't need to clarify anything. Practically speaking ok? If any of you guys out there have been offended, sorry. This is my POV and I've told most of my friends about this. So if anyone tells me that f***ing reason again, don't bother! I wouldn't give a damn if you're not the same network as mine. All that matters is that you got a cell phone, a sim card and some load to text regardless of the phone network. It's really hard to communicate if it's like what I've been noticing these days. See! Now that's reasonable!