way of cooling down.

I'm in no mood to be posting but I felt like posting anyways. Have you ever felt pissed and just want to let it all out for the world to know?! Well, today is our last day of classes, tomorrow is our prelim exam, then Christmas break after that. I was in the mood the whole day, when we got dismissed from school, I went straight home since something came up - I kinda got pissed off with a so called friend of mine! I don't want to mention the person's name to be free from rumors (another thing I hate but don't mind). I kinda got a lil pissed in a part of the text message wherein it said something about my ability to do something/personality! With my pride and guts, I replied back..trying to be calm with a sense of being pissed inside. That person never replied back! You said you'll never repeat what you did the previous time..but look! As simple as a small thing, you just have to do it again didn't you! There's a saying when you get angry, count to 10..tried it! Not much of an effect on me. I guess my way of cooling down is either just keeping quiet, being alone, listening to music, thinking what just happened..than cool off as simple as that. What I just posted now is my 2nd option - letting it out or just telling it a close friend(s)/family member maybe. That's my way of cooling down. What's yours?

I won't take back what I said. It wasn't my fault but it was my fault according to you anyways. Whatever you say or do won't affect me since I know what's true and I'll spend my Christmas break like I have nothing to do with what just happened haha No worries for me since I know that Someone's watching up above. *inhales then exhales deeply* I feel much better than a while ago! It's a great feeling to have Him in my life. I'm so thankful! Unlike before I can't keep my cool. I would usually lose my temper and break loose & eventually hurt people's feelings. What's done is done. I can't do anything about what just happened. To be the good person that I am, I'll forgive you for what you did. But I'm not one to forget that easily! Just act like nothing happened then things will be okay between us again instead of me forming more wrinkles on my face haha. Oh and not that I'm sensitive or serious, or anything - I'm not. This is a typical problem that people usually encounter.

Another one of the many obstacles in my life - SOLVED! Since I let whatever I want to say or feel release out of me, onto focusing on reviewing for our prelim exams tomorrow :s another one of those never-ending obstacles in my life! I'm not sure if it's me who's blogging o.O Yeah it's ME! Time to review! God bless to everyone tomorrow! :)