it's an urban word now!

Upon receiving an e-mail yesterday from Urban Dictionary's word for the day (12/16/2006), this word is the actual term that me & my best friends use to call each other! How cool is that!
* besty - a shorter word for "best friend".
* besties - short for "best friends".

I never knew the terms above were recently being used in the urban world..and now I found out that my mom & her best friend also uses 'besty' to call each other, too! Nevertheless, we've been using it for years now so we're ahead of the people who recently posted about it in Urban Dictionary haha XD
A'La Carte XYZ is one of the group of friends that I hang out with back in AUH w/ the know who you guys are! :)


* ..on the other hand.. *

Prelim Exams were yesterday. Analysis & interpretation pretty much makes our exams difficult. That's where our critical thinking comes in. I'd say I did well..we'll have to see the results then. In situations like those, I usually tend to feel worried/nervous inside 'cuz I wouldn't know what comes next: whether I passed or not :s They say when you think positive, the results comes out positive and vice versa. Something to do with the mind's mechanism maybe?! That's something to ponder on. I know..not a big deal to some but it kinda is to me 'cuz this is one of my goals..this is my future. Enough said! Congrats to Yeng Constantino! The 1st PDA Grand Star Dreamer! She deserves it! Very young yet talented! :) But still i never liked her with RJ..eeeww :s So anyways, it's Christmas break already wohoo! Let's have some Christmas spirit in us! And a New Year is yet to come! Happy holidays to everyone! God bless!