pics from the past.

All Catholic schools had no school today 'cuz of a holiday called'Immaculate Concepcion' (I'm not sure if I got that right :s). Out of my boredom, I felt like cleaning my room. While cleaning my room, I saw some photo albums of my memories back in AUH, pictures given to me, high school, and some summer vacation pics taken from last year. I've posted some of the pics in my multiply. If I have enough time, I might as well create one for YouTube LoL. It's a good feeling to reminisce on old times, good and bad. Whenever I'm alone or see people hanging out and having fun with their friends, it reminds me of my friends back in AUH. I've blogged about my AUH memories in my previous post (June 2006 I think?!) Hopefully there'll be a reunion soon. I miss them so much! :')