Review of 2006

This time of year is always a great time to look back and reflect on our life. As 2006 comes to an end and 2007 arrives, I find myself focused on what I've learned about life through daily living. Many of life's factors affect every individual's life - not just on the physical level but even more so on the mental and spiritual levels. When thoughts affect our actions (which is 100% of the time true according to researches), they realized that state of mind and thought processes hold the keys to how our life unfolds and what we are able to achieve in various aspects of our life. And for always, thanking God for every breath of life & blessings that He has given me and my family! I thank God for his guidance and for being so good to us! :) I also am sorry for whoever I've hurt this year (If there are any, w/c I'm sure there always is) For the people who think I'm angry at them, for not talking to them for a long time or for some other reasons..I'm not. Don't worry. I won't get angry unless there's a good reason to be. ;)

In 2007 - I start again! Like a new life for a new year! Well..I can't promise anything but I'll try though. But I won't wait. The earlier the better! Everyone should start by not leaving our fate up to our very impressionable subconscious. We should take control of our subconscious by being more conscious of our thoughts and actions. Draw up plans, achieve let's get moving! Create our version of 'life' and our entire life benefits.

I have no idea what I have been writing in this post cuz I can't seem to concentrate with a lot of things on my mind :s Anyways, Bare with me here haha I hope you guys can understand what I mean..if not..a summary here in my next post - a survey for my '07. So, Advance Happy New Year and thank you to everyone for reading what I write here..and again..most especially to the people close to my heart - thanks for everything!

Lots of stuff to happen in 2007 - who knows right?! We'll see how the new year goes for me..God bless!